Mitä sinun viikonloppuusi kuului? Lauantaina teimme visiitin Tuomaan joulumarkkinoille josta löytyi ihanan lämpöiset karvakintaat Hattaralle. Sunnuntaina ihailimme ikkunan takana satavaa lunta, mutta valitettavasti se suli jo iltaan mennessä. Perjantaina kävimme ihailemassa Lucia neitoa, mutta emme päässeet kovin lähelle ja vähän ainakin Hattaraa harmitti kun neito näkyi vaan kovin kaukaa. Kotona katsoimme sitten Luciaa Yle Areenasta. Niin ja leivoimme Luciapullaa! Ihan uusissa yöpaidoissa…

How was your weekend? We made a little trip to a Christmas fair on Saturday. On Sunday we looked at large snowflakes falling behind our window still in our pj´s, unfortunately the snow melted by night time. I asked the girls what they wanted to do and they requested going to the beach. So we laid a large beach towel on the floor, put on our swimming suits and sunglasses, filled the beach ball and made some festive cocktails with straws and sparkly umbrellas. Then we swam and laid in the sun. It was almost as much fun as the real beach but a lot less sand in our toes to clean up after (and no sticky sunscreen either). On Friday, when it was the day of Saint Lucia, we went to see her decent down the church stairs wearing her white gown with a red belt and a real candle crown in her hair. After we got home the girls put on their new nighties and we baked some Lucia buns… 

These nightgowns are just perfect! They are from La Coqueta Kids. I saw them on Celia´s blog and had to make an order by phone (they are not up on the web shop yet). Luckily they arrived just in time for Saint Lucia´s. We tuned them with velvet ribbon for the occasion, but they are even cuter as they are. I adore them and so do the girls!

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