Ode to Autumn

by Sofia   -   in Random





When the seasons change we get to enjoy the beauty of the nature slowly falling asleep. At the same time it is the time of harvest season abundance. The apples, corn, pumpkins and much more meet with the beauty of foliage. When the trees turn the most beautiful shades of orange, yellow, red and terracotta brown. Even the flowers we have at home slowly get a gentle kiss of the Autumn. The whites, blues and pinks get berries by their side or we find an orange flower we never would have thought to incorporate to our bouquets in the summer. The seasons change and our moods change with them. We start to crave for hot baths and candle light. We yearn for nights spent on the sofa under a quilt cuddling our loved ones watching The Gilmore Girls or The Downton Abbey or something else comforting. We start to cook slow foods, stews and soups instead of fresh garden salads and barbecued meat or fish. Our blush rosé and crisp white wines change to a full bodied red wine. I have always been a lover of the Autumn and the season does not fail me this year either. It wraps me up in it´s blanket of soft grey hues and gives me glimmers of beautiful glowing rays of light playing on the fallen leaves and filtering through those orange and red trees on sunny days. It rains behind my window on a Sunday morning giving me a reason to stay in bed for a little longer just listening to it´s soft rhythmic flow. Even when it´s dark at night and it´s wind whips my face when I walk home from work at night I can look around and see all the lights in all the homes. All the families cozy in their warm homes. It has all this beauty that no other season has. It´s the season that make me feel giddy and excited about new beginnings. It also gives us a chance to dress up in gorgeous clothes but without having to cover them up in heavy coats like cold winter does. Oh Autumn you make me soul sing!


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