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I finally got around to taking some pictures of our home thanks to a little nudge from Clara of One Design Club in England who was kind enough to want to feature me in one of her “at home with” posts. It will be out soon in March, I will let you know when if you might be interested to read what my answers to her five interior questions were or to see a few more glimpses of our home. And as I had promised you some pictures of the new little marble table in our bathroom I thought I would share it at the same time. I had been looking for a little table to add there as I and the girls love taking baths and reading books or even watching an episode of our favourite show whilst in there. When I saw the ever so stylish Rebecca´s bathroom picture with a little marble side table by her bath I was sure I should need one like it too. And I found just the one on a walk with a friend. It´s actually officially a flower pot pedestal but just the perfect height and size in our bath. 

En suite sounds very fancy and I guess having a walk in closet and bathroom adjoined to our bedroom is wonderful. So the room featured here is the bathroom I share with my husband and it is an continuation to our walk in closet that then continues on to our bedroom as a row of closets. We have a his and hers sink, a toilet with a sliding door for privacy in case we are there at the same time, a large shower and a bath tub. 

DSC_0688 (1)

DSC_0696 (1)



DSC_0714 (1)

DSC_0700 (1)

DSC_0710 (1)


DSC_0719 (1)

DSC_0703 (1)

So there you are, our little en suite. The walk in closet has doors, mirrors on the side of the shelves and glass on the hanging side, to protect the garments from any moisture. I also use the closet floor space for some sun salutations in the morning and meditation at night. It´s great as a little workout or stretching space as well. And we have been known to do our at home spa-sessions here with the girls. The floor is heated so it´s nice and cozy in the winter time. 

I wish I was a better photographer and could do these spaces justice. I think I would share a lot more interior pictures if only I knew how to take lovely ones. 


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2 comments on “ En suite „
Ilona, on March 4, 2021

Onpa kaunis kylpyhuone/vaatehuone! Kiitos hyvästä ideasta meditoida vaatehuoneessa, ei ole tullut itsellä mieleen, mutta auttaisi kyllä keskittymään kun ei kuuluisi lasten ääniä niin kovana 🙂 Tosi kiva nähdä teidän kodin sisustusta, toivottavasti teet postauksia muistakin huoneista. Eikä kuvien tarvitse olla mitenkään täydellisiä, uskon että blogisi lukijat ovat iloisia kaikenlaisista teksteistä ja kuvista 🙂

Sofia, on March 5, 2021

Voi kiitos Ilona, ihanan kannustava viesti!

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