Dear Santa

by Sofia   -   in Random

It’s time for the yearly Christmas gift guides. Let’s start with a general girlfriend, mother, mother in law, wife or best friend category. So for that special lady in your life.

I think this year Queen Elisabeth has been so remarkable with first the Platinum jubilee and the hear passing that an ornament of her would be a great gift. I’m also very very partial to the Westman Atelier blush stick in petal and think it would make a brilliant gift as I presumer it’s quite a universal shade and doubles as a blush, lipstick and even eye shadow. If you have a Christmas lover on your list then these Mrs. Alice hand embroidered Santa napkins could be just the gift. And last but not least maybe my favourite coffee table book this year. I love a book that has timeless, inspiring pictures. Also who does not enjoy a bit of summer in the middle of the winter?

So there you have my first gift guide of the season. More to come…


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