Hi! Oh it´s been a while since I opened my computer! But now the kids are at camp and I decided to take a little break from organising our things and say hello. I hope your summer has had a wonderful start. Ours could not have been better, except if we had a little less unpacking and a little more island hanging. But I´m not complaining as putting our belongings where they belong is the best part of renovation and moving. If only I had a few things less. But they are all so lovely I can´t seem to be able to part with them either. 

Anyhow, I met up with the lovely Katarina of Nona K. at her new shop location at Kasarminkatu, a stone throw away from Esplanad park ( mostly her hand maid treasures now a days which is good because it is what I loved best about her previous store anyway) and she gave the girls the loveliest midsummer dress and skirt. Such perfection! You can find ready made ones in her store or you can order one in your kids size from her ( she makes them in like a day). I also ordered the prettiest yellow Liberty Betsy summer dress ( in next years size so we can use it for a few summers in a row) and am looking forward to seeing it on the girls when it´s ready. Here are the loveliest checkered items! A summer must have!








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Kun lähipiiriin syntyy samaan aikaan pieni serkkutyttö ja rakkaalle ystävälle suloinen poikavauva on onnea päästä nuuhkuttelemaan pieniä ihmisen alkuja. Rakastan vauvoja aivan hirmuisesti ja olen aina niin onnellinen pieni vauva sylissäni. Olen ollut jo pienenä lapsena hyvin äidillinen ja leikin nukeilla todella pitkään ja nimenomaan se äidin rooli oli nukkeleikeissä minulle se tärkeä rooli. Omat lapseni olen nyt kyllä aika varmasti tehnyt ja enää ei pienten vauvojen sylissä pitäminen aiheuta välitöntä vauvakuumetta, mutta on kyllä ihana elää mukana tärkeiden ihmisten elämässä tuota vaihetta.




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Happy Thoughts

by Sofia   -   in Good things for kids  Shopping

So many things are making me happy now. Although I´m going to be honest I´m not very thrilled at not being able to work at the moment because of the shoulder and it does complicate some even mundane tasks but I do not want you to think I am a whiner! I know it could be something serious or something that could not be fixed. At least I have a lot of light shining bright at the end of the tunnel. So enough of that. The good part is my girls are very happy to have mommy home all day. I have more time to read ( I´m just reading Paul Kalanithi´s ” When breath becomes air”, so well written and touching). I can have coffee with friends in the middle of the day. I can ask my husband to wash my hair ( can´t do it myself at the moment). I can be in pyjamas until noon if I like, at least on some days. Anyhow, it´s not that bad if you count out all the things I can´t do and the pain. Soon I will be as good as new I´m told.

But the happy thoughts. Being able to be present. The light! Who else is ecstatic about the light? The thought of summer house opening season too. We are planning a terrace renovation but if I can be honest with you, as much as I dream of a bigger, better & new terrace I think I could do with a summer of no renovations. Maybe next year! Anyhow I am so happy to know that the opening can be counted down soon. Also as excited ( obviously!!!)  about the other count down. Every day the new place takes leaps now towards moving day. Although I know there are still some pretty major steps to take, like tiling the wet spaces and building a kitchen, I am more than thrilled to see the crown moulding and such in it´s place. It makes a huge difference. But for now I stick to decorating it in my dreams, making lists of what still needs to be done, ordering fabrics and having chairs covered in them and curtains made of them. ( Spoiler alert, I´m only having one curtain made, we will use two old ones and see what we want for the rest of the house once we are settled in). I´m also excited to see the lighting, wallpapers and knobs and door handles arriving. It feels so much more tangible now. So a definite happy thought, all of it. 

Here are some more happy thoughts for you. The ” cute for kids” kind…

I have been lusting over this Liberty print collar made by Nona K. So I just had to buy it for Bubble Gum who loves collars and collared shirts. It can be worn in two ways, either the bow in the front or as a ruffled collar with the bow as fastening in the back. Gorgeous either way. The beautiful pink cashmere dress is from Youngest Fashion and you have seen it here before, it´s old, but as good as new even after a lot of use. 





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