I found these cute bookplates from Papershop and they were just perfect for this little project I had in mind. As stated before we have quite a few books and I thought that in between the time Cotton Candy reads them and Bubble Gum is ready for them ( like the Harry Potters… I have read them out loud to Cotton Candy but she will probably get to read them on her own a little later) or when my possible grandchildren want to read them one day, someone else might get some use out of them. I personally think chapter books are meant to be read not kept in the bookshelf.




So I added the labels on the front leaf of some of our books, wrote my girls names on them and sent a message to Cotton Candy´s teacher. She is wonderful and takes the kids to the library ever so often and they read books at school and at home. But every now and then she reminds in Wilma ( a school messaging system between parents and teachers about anything school related) that some of the kids don´t have library cards yet or had forgotten them so she lent them books with her own card.


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In the mornings we would like to make fun hairstyles and braids with the girls but sometimes there is just not enough time. So we tried something a bit faster but not the everyday ponytail. As bandanas are so in ( still with the second graders) we tried this bandana bun we found on Pinterest. Here are the easy to follow instructions, and do excuse the plethora of pictures but in this case it´s easier for me to show detailed instruction rather than explain how to do it.



Make a high ponytail…




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The save buys…

by Sofia   -   in Good things for kids  Shopping

Onpa jotenkin todella elokuinen aamu. Ei kylmä, mutta villatakki piti laittaa päälle, hieman harmaa, ei sada vielä, mutta kosteaa. Silti reilu aavistus kesää edelleen onneksi ilmassa. Minua kyllä kutkuttelee jo innostuksena tuo tuleva syksy joka on yksi lempi vuodenajoistani. Eilen blogissa oli niitä ihanuuksia joita ostimme syksyyn ja nyt nämä muutamat edulliset perusostoksetkin vinkkinä jakoon…

So yesterday I shared some of the things we splurged on a little and today I will share the things we saved on this Fall. I already ordered these but they have not yet arrived ( they should be coming today actually)…

We have some sweat pants we bought for the Summer ( from Petit Bateau etc.), but as sweats are the nicest thing to wear at home and even at pre-school or on sports days at school, I ordered these in light blue & pink to wear with the cashmere hoodies. I love pink & grey and light- & navy blue as colour combos. These cost 10 € each. I hope they are soft inside so they will be lovely to pull over the ballet or gymnastics outfit after practise.



We  still use a lot of leggings. I buy them in very basic colours like navy, white & grey marl. Petit Bateau t-shirt, these leggings and sweatshirts or cardigans are a staple in our repertoire. We also use them under stripy jersey dresses & with a little longer breton stripe shirt for instance.

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