November again

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Hey all you planners and list makers. We are right where we want to be aren´t we? November is the month where those Christmas lovers who like planning ahead start getting ready. I know it´s early but it´s fun for those of us who love to plan ahead. For us it´s part of the fun so come December we can just relax and enjoy the show. I am not putting out any decor yet or anything like that. But November is the month of scouting for gifts and advent calendars. Making my Pinterest lists and jotting down social events in to my planner. We host a few events in December so I plan those in broad strokes at least. And perhaps the Christmas playlist will accompany me on my work commute in a few weeks time. The Christmas cups come out for morning coffee soon. Planning and excited anticipation has now been given a permission to start tickling our soul.

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Mrs. Alice

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Now there is no denying it. If you live in Finland you must be on the same page with me. The approaching Autumn can definitely be smelled in the air. And I for one could not be more excited. I can already see the pumpkins and cozy evenings at home drinking tea with a book. And hopefully, hopefully hosting friends as well. And for the tea and the hosting I have some good news. The fabulous Mrs. Alice who has a great collection for your table does ship to Finland and she takes care of the tax and duties from the UK. At least in my order when I did a try out for some fantastic new thermos. Let me share some favourites on my wishlist.


First of all the thermos I ordered in two fold as I like to have one for hot water and one for coffee. I will mark the coffee one at the bottom with a sharpie so they don´t get mixed. 


I have a mint julep cup and some similar silver cups but I would love to have a few more. I love them for little flower arrangements but I would also like them for instance for french fries for a fancier setting. 


I love a scalloped edge and these napkins would look so good with my light blue & white china. 


But the question is, do I love a scalloped edge and a bow even better?

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Viikonloppuna amor ammuskeli nuoliaan rakastavaisten ja ystävysten joukossa ja saimme ihailla hänen tekojensa seurauksia rusoposkin. Meillä syötiin aamupalaa koko perheen kesken pöydän ääressä ja suloiset roosan sävyt sekä jopa muutamat paketit löysivät tiensä kattaukseen. Lähes kaikki pöydässä oli vanhaa, joko perittyä, vintage- tai antiikkikaupasta hankittua. Mikä sen ihanampaa kuin löytää jotain aivan erityistä jota ei ole kenelläkään muulla.

As Amor worked his magic on Sunday we admired his efforts with blushed cheeks. I set the breakfast table with my pretty antique and vintage finds and we enjoyed a moment together sharing little gifts, some a bit bigger but practical. Mr Espresso cooked us dinner and we ended the week on a relaxing note taking hot bubble baths. Soaking in some magnesium salts and reading my favourite Mrs. Dalloway always gets me in a good mood. I recently purchased a little round marble table that we set next to the bath tub. A special place for a book and a cup of tea. I will share it one day, hopefully soon as it is on my list of happy thoughts to be sure. Mrs Dalloway will soon have to move over though as my darling husband had paid attention and gotten me the wonderful pink Four Corners Publishing´s illustrated Vanity Fair I have lusted over here on the blog. Although it is much too pretty to read in the bath. And too heavy too.

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