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Now there is no denying it. If you live in Finland you must be on the same page with me. The approaching Autumn can definitely be smelled in the air. And I for one could not be more excited. I can already see the pumpkins and cozy evenings at home drinking tea with a book. And hopefully, hopefully hosting friends as well. And for the tea and the hosting I have some good news. The fabulous Mrs. Alice who has a great collection for your table does ship to Finland and she takes care of the tax and duties from the UK. At least in my order when I did a try out for some fantastic new thermos. Let me share some favourites on my wishlist.


First of all the thermos I ordered in two fold as I like to have one for hot water and one for coffee. I will mark the coffee one at the bottom with a sharpie so they don´t get mixed. 


I have a mint julep cup and some similar silver cups but I would love to have a few more. I love them for little flower arrangements but I would also like them for instance for french fries for a fancier setting. 


I love a scalloped edge and these napkins would look so good with my light blue & white china. 


But the question is, do I love a scalloped edge and a bow even better?


Then there are the small bud vases that are so useful. I had a lovely collection but they have broken one by one. I miss them!


I can not justify another white footed serving dish… Or could I?! I love this and have a plate to match. 


I´m not on the market for glasses either but if I were I would buy these. Love them!


I would love these on the island. I think they would fit my block print and provencal glad table settings there perfectly. 



If you are looking for a blue gingham table cloth ( I already have one) this looks great. I would actually buy it but even the large is unfortunately not big enough for our table. They are very reasonably priced. 

I hope you found this post useful and will find what you love on Mrs. Alice.

Have a lovely day!


p.s. I really don´t need these but how cute would these be on an easter table scape?


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3 comments on “ Mrs. Alice „
Elina, on August 31, 2021

Hei! Ihastuttavia juttuja olet löytänyt! Kuinka termareiden pesu käytännössä onnistuu?

Sofia, on September 1, 2021

Hei Elina, pesu onnistuu käsinpesuna. Rottinkin on “muovia” eli kestää kastumista. En katsonut olisiko jopa konepestävä tuote, mutta itse pesen termospullot aina käsin.
Ja mitä tulee ulkovaatteisiin niin julkaisen niistä vielä tällä viikolla blogimerkinnän linkkeineen!
Mukavaa päivää!

Elina, on August 31, 2021


Vielä toinen kysymysv:) Mistä olet ostanut lasten Helly Hansen ulkovaatteet, joita esittelit muutamia päiviä sitten instagramissa? Tummansini valkoiset ulkohousut ja -pusakka.

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