Williams-Sonoma fold

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Most of our kitchen towels are from Williams-Sonoma. I love how they come folded and years ago started folding mine in the same way. You probably also fold yours just like me but in case you don´t I thought I would share it because it makes the kitchen towel piles look so nice and neat. The little things you know.

Miten sinä viikkaat keittiöpyyhkeet? Itse tykästyin tähän Williams-Sonomalta ostetusita pyyhkeistä nappaamaani viikkaustyyliin. Pinoista tulee siistit ja tasaiset, eivätkä ne ole kovin syvät. Toki jos haluaa vähän syvempiä pinoja niin silloin kolmeen jaettu pyyhe kannattaa vain viikata keskeltä kahtia. Minulla on siistimmät keittiöpyyhkeet jääkaapin päällä olevalla hyllyllä ja jo vähän tahroja saaneet olen viikannut samalla tavalla siivouskaappiin josta niitä voi ottaa käyttöön joko siivousta varten tai jos tiedämme, etä jostain asiasta jää varmasti tahra niin voi hyvin käyttää jo ennestään ei niin hväkuntoista pyyhettä. Keittiöpyyhkeet paranevat toiminnallisesti mielestäni ajan ja pesujen myötä joten niillä on usein myös hyvä mm. kuivata lasiesineitä. Ostin kyllä itseasiassa talvella tukusta lasien kuivaukseen tarkoitetun pyyhkeen ja se on erinomainen.




1. Fold your towel in three length wise.


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Mini Spa

by Sofia   -   in DIY projects  Good things for kids

The girls and I have done our little spa treatments forever. It has started from the baby massage and continued their whole life. Some kids like physical touch more than others and mine have always loved to be sitting on our laps, cuddling, having us draw on their backs and so forth. Our mini spa is no different. It´s more about a lovely relaxing feeling than an actual facial.






 The cutest morning robes from Petite Plume.


I like to do a whole set up with candles, special drinks ( water or tea is great) and relaxing music. And the girls do spa treatments for me too.  I recently found a great face massage tutorial on the Vanderohe highlights under sculpt that my girls enjoyed ( I did a light touch version). I also do a back & head massage. My girls favourite? When they lie on their back and I sit behind their head. I  put my hand under their back and slide my hands upwards from the tailbone, fingers by the spine, so that they lie very relaxed and I carry their weight. Continue all the way up to the point were the neck & head meet. The movement is from baby massage so you may know it. Try it! It makes them feel so nice and relaxed. I made a lovely little lounge area for them to chill at on our bed afterwards with their cucumber water. This like many other things does not have to take hours off your day. Just a 20 minute spa session is plenty for a child. In one hour I will be able to set up, do their ” treatments” and clean up.


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Are you trying to find something cute and fun to keep your ( smaller) kids active? Here are a few printables I found with links for you.

Riley Sheehey designed this super cute seek & find game for Dixie Design. You can find it here. There is also a colouring page you can print too.



This Tartine et Chocolat has made the cutest little village you can print and assemble. Just use a stick of glue and scissors. And if you prefer a bit more colour then colour the village with all the crayons in your box to make it bright and fun before assembly.


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