Do you have something fun planned for the weekend? We are baking for a charity bake sale with the girls on Friday evening. Saturday morning we are also decorating some cupcakes. Saturday night we will get all the girls from Cotton Candy´s class for a sleepover. It´s her birthday party this year. They will decorate pizza for dinner ( just make the pizzas ahead or buy frozen and cut cute shapes of ready sliced cheese they can add on it right after it comes from the oven and get some fresh herbs too like sage, oregano and basil).We will do milk shakes with sprinkle covered rims on the glasses. And soda, because it´s a birthday party. I baked some mini bite sized cupcakes and the cutest cloud sugar cookies with little faces on them. 








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Tidy and organised

by Sofia   -   in DIY projects  Interior design

Two things that make me happy but do not completely throw me off the tracks if not applied in life are above in the headline. I know we have had this ” conversation” before but it is one of my favourite subjects really, organisation and household “chores”. I had my old high school besties over last weekend. We went to see Checkhovs The Seagull in the National Theater and afterwards cooked dinner together and my friends stayed over for an adult slumber party. The best! Two of them visited our new home for the first time and although they did like it a lot and did tell me so the thing they seemed to be most impressed by was my cleaning caddy ( insert a wink smilie and a laughing smilie here to know I am not 100% serious). After I finished cooking our chicken I took the caddy out from under the sink, sprayed the countertops and wiped them clean. No big deal. But the caddy seemed to be such a great idea that I thought I´d share.




A cleaning caddy could be filled with the items that you find you use most around the house on daily bases or quite often. The kind you use for spills or smudges. I have a cleaning spray for the marble tops, one for wooden surfaces and one for glass and I have a general spray too. A few different rags, a sponge and little brushes. We keep most of our cleaning supplies in the cleaning closet but the caddy is under the smaller kitchen sink. 



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Well not quite the sweaters themselves but we tuned some basic sweaters with letters for the girls to personalise them a little. They turned out so nicely they got a lot of lovely comments on Instagram so I though I would share the easy tutorial. I bought the very basic pastel crew necks here. And the Liberty print monograms I have bought from Liberty of London whilst visiting there, but you can probably find cute monogram letters from any fabric store. Then it´s as easy as ironing the patch on as you probably already guessed. My kind of tutorial that is. The sweatshirts were so inexpensive that after they are small I might just cut the letters out and re-use them.






Have a great day!


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