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Cotton Candy had a playdate with a sweet school friend at our house and I wanted to let them do something special for when they were finished with homework. When my girls were babies ( and probably even before I had kids) I always used to imagine all the fun things to arrange for playdates and sleepovers. I know it´s mostly about just letting the girls do their thing with their little friends but a little cute snack or craft is always a welcome addition.

This time the girls got to assemble little friendship bracelets inspired by ones I saw in a very cool children´s store in Tribeca, New York. It´s a fun project, something the girls can wear and it´s also a learning experience as they can assemble their own names from the alphabet beads. If there was more time it would be a fun project to make for all the girls ( and why not boys too) in the class. Wouldn´t it be a great bonding experience if they all had one. One of Cotton Candy´s class mates is moving to Australia so I think she will make one for her as a remember me by bracelet.

You will need…

thin rubber band on ribbon ( make sure it´s thin enough to get through the holes on the beads)


alphabet beads

regular beads, flowers, stars or whichever you like

tulle for some “bows”

If you like some pretty floral fabric for some “bows”



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Bath time

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Tyttöjen kylpytakit alkavat käydä pieneksi, joten on aika etsiä hiljalleen uusia. Tässä muutama vaihtoehto joita olen katsellut…

I have been on a lookout for new bath robes for the girls. These are my favourites at the moment…


I´ m really liking this powder pink robe from Cyrillus that is piped with Liberty fabric. The shower hat is also made from a  Liberty print. The Bonpoint beauty bag and body cream you can find from here.


The pale pink hydrocotton bath robe from Little White Company is another favourite. It looks softer and fuller than the previous choice. This Liberty print beauty bag is from Marie Chantal as are the Minois Paris bath products.

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What a great fun weekend it was! On Saturday night we rented the Kung Fu Panda 3 on Apple tv, made some candy melt popcorn to snack on and went to bed early. On Sunday we spent the afternoon at the amusement park with friends and had the best time there too. The weekend was relaxing and it was fun in just the right balance. Today I´m off to Tallinn for the day with a friend. Just for some good girl talk, some lunch and obviously a quick visit to Jacadi.

I assembled us ( you & me) an inspirational board of thoughts that is almost all in pink hence the pinkspiration. Hope it gets you through the day sufficiently. If not, have a vent(i) cappuccino and think of me when you do. A good drink always makes you feel a bit better! If it´s a coffee in a pretty take away cup then even better! ( I bet this cup would make all the difference in your mood!) 

Pinkspiration Collage

Enjoy your week!


p.s. If this post made you feel icky then check this out as that is what your Monday may feel like. It´s a thing! But remember there is always a Tuesday… and initially a Friday again!

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