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How is the weather were you are? We are having a lot of snow that may end up coming down as rain these last few days of the week or as snow. Apparently remains to be seen. Last night was a pj´s and take out Indian night in our family. Some days you just don´t feel like cooking. But I love a good take out and a cozy night in. I helped the girls study for some exams at school and had a long chat with my husband. I also did some self care and it got me thinking of these pretty packages and to share one of my ” beauty tricks” at the end.

If you or your kids get dry skin patches during colder winter days what do you use? I love the look of these two alternatives although I have not tried either. The Minois one has arnica that is the best for preventing bruises ( I learned this early on from my French sister in law). I ordered this to try, as on top of dry skin the streets are so slippery we keep falling down and it always feels so nice when someone at least tries to look after you and rubs some arnica on your poor knees. I love their shower gel and I use it for myself actually. And I am loving the new Bonpoint packaging. I think the SOS cream sound great. I also had to get my hands on that hand cream (pun intended) as it will look lovely on my night desk or handbag and come very very handy ( another on intended) these days. With all the hand sanitisers we use and the constant hand washing I think we all should pay a bit of attention to the skin on our hands. We actually had a hand conversation with my friend and she thought mine look ” young” so I will share my weird trick even if I´m not particularly sure I agree with her or know if it´s my trick that helps. I actually use the backside ( as in not the palm side) of my hands to work in my hyaluronic acid serum to my neck in upwards motion. That way my hands also get a daily moisturizing treatment as I have heard that you can always see the age of a person on their hand even if they do botox their face, so my mom always taught me to take good care of my hands as well as the skin on my face. I don´t use anything fancy, this one normally does the trick for me. Yesterday I actually bought this one to try. And by the way my mom is not a big ” believer” in fancy and pricy products just self care in general.






Anyway, just wanted to share these cute looking products I would not mind trying on my kids or on myself.

Have a lovely day,


p.s. I ordered these for my girls to use when they are out and about. We do stress the importance of an actual hand wash but when it´s not possible and they have been for instance in a tram I always advice them to use a hand sanitiser. Or when they are handling a mask. I thought the cute rainbows might cheer up their days! Perhaps I´ll save them as Valentine´s Day gifts. And when we finally see some sun I will try that sunscreen on them. How incredible cute are the ice-creams and icicles on the packges? And yes I am aware my girls are not babies anymore but I love a good kids product, even for myself.

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Ita, on January 31, 2021

Great tip!! Thank you’

Sofia, on February 1, 2021

🙂 Ita!

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