Pour Filles

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If you have a young lady in your life looking for her first real perfume then I think this might be it, without even having sniffed it. It just looks very feminine and sounds like a classic rose scent which I am a fan of. Instead of turning in to sweet candy scented perfumes named after pop stars. This is not in the same category as the Minoit my pre-teen spritzes over her hair but for young women.


I remember some of my first real perfumes my mom bought me. I think I was 13 and Thierry Mugler had come out with Angel not long before and my mom happened to be Christmas shopping in Paris with her friend when they had a whole big campaign for it. She picked up the whole lot for me for Christmas that year. A thick body cream in a large glass jar, the perfume in it´s blue star shaped bottle and even these lovely light blue flakes that were a bath product. They were all wrapped in pretty light blue silk paper and paper bags. It was a whole thing and I loved it. I have kept the bottle as a memento and I might even have the paperbag somewhere with my other treasured memories. Angel is perhaps not the most subtle scent on the market, it was the first ever gourmand perfume, but I used it even during the day. At the time I think it was not available in Finland at first so it was all the more special as I was the only one wearing it in my school. Now it is obviously available all over as it has been a “few” years since it´s launch… But that first perfume can be a thing to remember and this one from Aerin looks like a lovely choice. And something I honestly feel I might even want to wear. The only thing is that Aering does not ship internationally and I have not seen it on Net-a-Porter yet, although it was launched yesterday so I think I have to give it a minute, nor am I sure it will be sold in Helsinki at Stockmann that stocks some other perfumes of Aerin but little anything else. Let´s hope we can all travel soon to find these little treasures that catch our eye.

Have a lovely day,


p.s. I liked and used plenty of different scents as a young adult but one I used for years in my twenties was Romance by Ralph Lauren. It was my signature scent and I´m pretty sure I was not at all unique in that. Anyone else? It´s quite a basic fragrance but I´m sure I would still love it´s shower fresh scent. I think I might have to go sniff it somewhere. And I still like their often black and white advertisements.


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Susanna E., on April 6, 2021

What a coincidence! Issey Miyake’s fresh, a little melony L’eau Issey was my first perfume. I also tried more ‘rich’ scents such as Versus by Versace. But ever since I found my own style, I’ve sworn on Ralph Laurens’s Romance.

Ita, on April 6, 2021

Love this post. And how perfumes bring you memories of times in your life or people you love (or just have fond memories with). I think Cool Water from RL might have been my first real perfume (after the not so fancy Gap scents 😉

Meri, on April 7, 2021

I don’t have a memory of a certain scent but I remember that my mom kept a bunch of very pretty perfume bottles (were they prettier 30 years ago..perhaps) after there was very little left and me and my sister had them on the shelf of our playhouse.

Later in life, I have sometimes wanted to buy a perfume as a souvenir to remind of certain trips or events.

Katja, on June 21, 2021

Minulla on monia tuoksuja, jotka olen ostanut lähinnä kauniin pullon takia. Calvin Kleinin Eternity on mun kestosuosikki jo nuoruudesta saakka. Nyt vanhempana en enää pidä niin makeista tuoksuista kuin nuorena. Uusin suosikkini on Jo Malonen tuoksut ja kiva, kun niitä saa nykyään myös Stockalta. Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay on tällä hetkellä käytössä, kivan raikas tuoksu kesällä.

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