Caramel Corn

by Sofia   -   in Cooking

I´m not even going to say it. Yes it´s been too long and as I said on instagram. When it´s been so long it always feels like a post should be something substantial. At least  little more substantial than caramel corn. But then you said it does not. So here we go. Back at it! Fingers crossed it won´t be yet another month or two before I´m back here apologising fr my absence and wondering if anyone still finds their way here.

So to the corn! Ralph´s in Paris, you all know it, has this amazing caramel corn that they serve with the coffee after dinner. So I tried to copycat them! My first try was better, the second time I did not heat the caramel quite hot enough so it did not get as hard but a bit sticky instead. Which makes it feel sweeter for some reason. So if you have a candy thermometer like I do, use it and don´t just wing it. If you don´t wing it and hope for the best. It will be delish anyhow.

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