Tinted eggs

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I made pink eggs for Bubble Gum´s birthday tray and figured they might be as cute for Easter time. I juts added food colouring to the water where I boiled the eggs in but you could just as well use natural colours like turmeric and beet. They just look adorable and delicious for a lunch with some smoked salmon and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. Or for a cute breakfast for you little bunnies.





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Happy thoughts

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Onnen aiheita viikonloppuun…

My happy thoughts from lately have been circling around being a supportive mom and also about letting my kids personalities and taste shine through. Sometimes saying yes to fun things and just letting go is great. 

My girls, especially Cotton Candy love Lush so one day on holiday I took them shopping there. Amongst other things we bought some ” play dough” that doubles as soap/ shower gel. My kids love this and their other products! This will be great for when we are back home and have the bath tub in use. Cotton Candy wanted to have her birthday party at Lush but unfortunately they are renovating the space. If it´s not ready by November then maybe next year.



I found these fun stickers for the girls to give some encouragement for the start of the school year.

I am one of those mom´s who finds herself constantly using a moment as a teaching opportunity. And not always in a good way. Nag this nag that. Elbows off the table, use your knife ( or don´t use your hands!!!), make your bed, put those shoes nicely, don´t leave your things lying around, stop talking so loud ( why do my kids always seem to talk like they are in a loud concert?), stop irritating your sister, you too!… It really seems endless to me.

So I also make an effort to compliment them on smaller and bigger milestones and achievement. Thank you for bringing your dishes to the kitchen, you kept that ( birthday) secret so well, thank you for hanging the laundry with me, wow you were so lovely to your sister, you made the bed so nicely and so on and so on. These stickers can make those little efforts seem even more “rewarded” and hopefully more good comes from that. Obviously they are not necessary, but cute and fun.


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Opettajien lahjat

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Tänä vuonna päiväkodin opettajat saivat pienenä kiitoksena rasialliset donitseja ( jaoin kuvan jo osana kollaasia viime viikolla). Syötävät ja juotavat lahjat ovat mielestäni hyviä koska opettajat pääsevät niistä nopeasti eroon, eivätkä ne jää roikkumaan nurkkiin ( koska meillä kaikillahan ei ole mm. sisustustuotteiden suhteen ihan sama maku). Printtasin kortit täältä. Muutamana ensimmäisenä vuonna lahjojen keksiminen oli minusta todella hauskaa, mutta tuntuu, että uusien juttujen miettiminen vaikeutuu joka vuosi. Koulun opettajat saavat vähän erilaiset lahjat ( rosé viini, kaunis rusetti, suloinen kortti on tämän vuoden voittaja konsepti) koska emme itse ole läsnä kevätjuhlassa ja donitsit pitää kyllä noutaa juuri enne lahjan antamista, jotta ne ovat tuoreita. Voin muuten kertoa, että kahdeksan laatikollista donitseja levitti ympärilleen aivan järkyttävän hyvää tuoksua. Himoitsen donitseja vielä näin viikkoa myöhemmin.

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