Vanilla infused maple syrup

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Vaikka Dean and Deluca ei löytyisikään sinun naapuristasi ei se mitenkään estä saamasta tätä ihanaa vaahterasiirappia. Vaniljalla uutettu vaahterasiirappi on nimittäin helppo tehdä myös itse. Lisää kokonainen vaniljatanko vaahterasiirappipulloon ja siitä tarttuu hento vaniljan maku siirappiin. Sopii ihanasti muun muassa chia vanukkaan makeuttajaksi. Dean and Delucassa oli myynnissä myös kanelitangolla maustettua siirappia. Se sopisi hyvin kaurapuuron päälle tai omppu pannareiden kaveriksi. Mielestäni tämä idea on tosi hyvä ja vanilja- tai kanelivaahterasiirappi voisi olla kiva pikku lisä vaikka brunssipöydässä jos teet kasan Amerikkalaisia pannareita.

I know I know there is no Dean and Deluca anywhere near me ( or probably you either). But it does not take away our ability to copy their brilliant idea. Because the vanilla infused maple syrup is truly awesome. It´s great on pancakes (that´s a given) but it´s also delicious on breakfast oatmeal or with a chia pudding. What it is is basically good quality pure maple syrup with an added vanilla bean. So easy to make yourself. Just buy a lovely plump bourbon vanilla bean and put it in your maple syrup for extra goodness. And this does not stop here. Dean and Deluca also sells cinnamon maple syrup which is the same things except instead of  a vanilla bean there is a cinnamon stick added to the syrup. Yum! So if you feel like your breakfast needs an update or you want to impress everyone at your next brunch where you serve a high stack of American pancakes then try this out. The good thing about natural maple syrup is that on top of it tasting so much better than sugar it´s actually healthier too. So next time your kids ask for a sprinkling of sugar on their oats try a little splash of this.






Have an awesome day!

Hauskaa päivää!


p.s. If you use a vanilla pod for baking or cooking and have scraped the seeds out you can still use the pod for flavour in a bowl of sugar or in your bag of ground coffee. So I think an opened vanilla bean would work in the syrup too. Maybe even give it a bit more flavour.

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4 comments on “ Vanilla infused maple syrup „
ita, on May 27, 2015

Just wanted to say that for the first time in forever, i checked your blog on a proper pc (and not my tiny screen phone :))
want to say that its so beautiful and neat.
Thanks for posting. even if i dont implement, i get inspired 🙂

Sofia, on June 1, 2015

Thank you so much Ita!!!

Laura, on May 27, 2015

Ihanat etiketit Dean and Delucalla ja hienot kuvat sinulla! Blogissasi on aina niin kaunista ja se antaa hyvän mielen. ❤ Kiitos siitä ja aurinkoista viikkoa sinulle Sofia!

Sofia, on June 1, 2015

Kiitos ihana Laura! <3

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