Salad love

by Sofia   -   in Cooking

This is a go to salad in our family. Especially for us adults ( my kids love veggies, berries and fruits but for some reason they are still not big on mixed salads). It´s a super simple goat cheese salad but we also eat it without the cheese with chicken ( you can just buy a rotisserie chicken to eat with it) or you can obviously even do both if you like. This is really a non-recipe so I don´t have proper amounts. It´s just a basic combination idea for you. So the base is a mixed salad, I love using baby spinach and a mixture of leafy green salads. Then we add avocado, pear, strawberries, lots of sweet basil and toasted pine nuts. We top the salad with a balsamic reduction ( after toasting the pine nuts on a dry pan you can take them out and use the hot pan to boil balsamic vinegar with either sugar, muscovado sugar or honey). Then I just add good olive oil, salt & pepper on the salad and drizzle it with the reduction. The goat cheese is cut in to pieces and grilled in the oven so that it melts a little and gets a crispy crust. It is such a delicious and simple salad for any day. It sound like a lot f work but really isn´t and you can even buy the reduction ready made in a squeeze bottle ( I just had some at a friend´s island cottage and it was really good).






Hope you try it out! Let me know if you do!

Have a fabulous weekend!


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2 comments on “ Salad love „
Susanna, on May 8, 2018

Tää on identtinen meidän vakkari salaattiin. Suosikkiversiot on tuo kombinaatiolla vihersalaatti, meloni, mansikka, päärynä, vuohenjuusto tai grillatut ravunpyrstöt. Nämä ehkä enemmän kesällä tehtäviä. Arkiruokana talvisin suosikkina kana -versio, jossa lisänä parmesania, avocadoa, oliiveja ja rucolaa. Kastikkeena tällöin dijon-hunaja -pohjainen mixtuura. Nämä on aivan meidän lemppareita ja mieheni bravuureita. Hän on perheen salaattimestari. Lapsille tosin ei meillä myöskään salaatit maistu, joten syödään usein, kun ovat jo nukkumassa tms.

Sofia, on May 23, 2018

Nam Susanna, nam!

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