Bonpoint for women & a perfect wheelie for children

by Sofia   -   in Random

Bonpoint has had their Yam collection for a long time, aimed for teenagers and young adults. But now they have the collection for women ( up to size 42). I think it´s basically ” the same” Yum collection as before but in my opinion looks a bit more mature. It´s a small but lovely collection and I´m very eager to have a look when I get to Paris and their rue de Tournon flagship store ( my favourite Bonpoint store). There is one dress I think might be perfect for Christmas. My mom and I are taking Bubble Gum for a special 7th birthday Fall trip at the end of month. She is already very very excited as am I. I always miss Paris. Her sister has briefed her with all the things she ” must” do there, like eat pain au chocolat for breakfast and to colour in the tent in the Bonpoint store. Oh and a carrousel ride is always a must in Paris and walking around the Luxembourg gardens. She has not been since she was perhaps three ( for that Christmas we spent there) so she does not remember all the good things. We are already planning on the packing. I really wanted to get her this wheelie but unfortunately they are sold out at the moment ( edit. it came back in stock after I wrote this so my order is on it´s way… fingers crossed it comes very soon !). Is it not just perfect? It´s on my wish list for my little travel buddies.





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