Happy Weekend

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Another week soaring by. I have been packing up the house with an inflamed shoulder ( luckily it is my left shoulder joint and as a right handed person I can still function fairly well) which basically means I can sort and fold and pack but not lift anything remotely heavy. It´s still going very well and next week we say good bye to our beloved home. My husband is not half as sentimental about things as I am or our daughters, especially Cotton Candy. I literally tear up when I even think of the days left in this apartment even though it has not been looking anything more than a storage unit for two weeks now. Anyhow it is weirdly hard for me. He is already very excited about the new place and has his eyes already there whereas I have mine sort of in the past.


You may have to read the blog post to the very end to get how the pictures are relevant.




But as I try to reassuringly tell my daughter all the memories will remain and you don´t really forget a house you lived in, ever. It is in your mind with you always. So instead of welling on these feelings I try to make her think of the new place and what great things we have waiting for us in our new dream home. The girls will be sharing their very own bathroom ( with two sinks which seems to be an important detail) and have their own rooms which is super exciting for them and they are also quite excited that daddy bought a huge tv & a sound system so they can host movie nights for friends ( you can then imagine how exhilarated I was about the tv but my husband promised we can keep a pretty photograph as a screensaver and it will look like a framed photo so I´m hoping that works). But the girls were most excited about moving very close to some of their very best friends!





That got me thinking that the best part of my awesome childhood home ( which was not huge or extremely fancy but still very elegant and homey in my opinion) was that I lived in the same building as my best friends. We used to take my mattress from my bed ( probably weekly), as was, with sheets and bedding and all, and slide it down the stairs to their apartment for sleepovers. We quite literally spent all our time together from ski-ing holidays, to sailing in the summer etc. Sometimes their little brother watched so much Fantasia ( Disney from the 90´s) on VHS that his parents told him no more and he would just come upstairs and ring the doorbell and tell my mom or dad to put it on for him in our house. And when their parents ( who were about 10-20 years younger than mine) had parties all the kids came to our apartment for a sleepover and we listened to them singing karaoke downstairs and it was all very much fun). My mom later told me that one of the guests had been repeatedly yelling ” Brassiere” to the night from the balcony in the morning hours but we were asleep by then and missed this hilarious moment. Anyhow it made me think how this friendship that was caused at the beginning by proximity made my childhood so amazing and how the girls will now have similar experiences. We actually have two close families with girls the same age as ours living very close by so I have a feeling there will be fun playdates in the park and running for hot cocoa at night to your friends house in pj´s kind of experiences ahead.





Obviously I have my things that I have dreamed of and am excited about in the future home too that are sort of my mantra at the moment when all these boxes frustrate me. And I imagine the little things too as how I will organise a certain space or where a boxwood plant would look great or where I am going to arrange my linens and so on. In my dreams a few things stand out and one of them is the pantry. I can not tell you how extremely excited I am about that space. And the other is having a proper place for my laundry. It will not be a whole laundry room but it will be a laundry wall in the girls bathroom that can be closed off with folding doors. I know it says a lot about me that these spots in the house are the things that I dream of but I do love the everyday aspects of life and a functioning spot for doing laundry or a well organised pantry just make it so much better. And yes I would love a little boxwood plant on my laundry folding table.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!


p.s. Pictures from my favourite The Laundress that will most certainly be the main event in my laundry space as it has been for years. I ordered myself the striped shelve liners, the hand wash basin and the black & white cover for my ironing board for the new utility space. Can not wait to set it up. 

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4 comments on “ Happy Weekend „
Anna, on January 24, 2019

Voi, tiedän niin tuon tunteen, kun rakkaasta kodista muuttaa pois, vaikka ihana uusi koti onkin vastassa.. Muistot kuitenkin säilyvät, ja teillä on paljon kauniita kuvamuistoja vanhasta kodista <3
Tsemppiä muuttoon ja paranemista olkapäälle!

Sofia, on January 24, 2019

Kiitos paljon Anna! Eiköhän tämä tästä hiljallen, sekä olka, että muutto!

mummi Turusta, on January 29, 2019

Voi ei! Ajattelen, että on tosi vaivalloista esim. viikata vaatteita kauniisti kuljetuslaatikoihin kun olkapää ja yleensäkin toinen käsi vihoittelee.Sanoit kuitenkin taas niin positiivisesti, että onneksi se on vasen olka.Minulla oli kierrekalvosimen oireyhtymä vasemmassa olkapäässä ,jolloin en saanut nostettua kättä enkä esim.laitettua erästäkin vaatekappaletta päälleni(tiedät mitä tarkoitan).Minä lepäilin ja aikanaan se parani , mutta muuttonne on kyllä ihan toinen juttu.Toivon pikaista paranemista ja ihanaa muuttoa uuteen kotiinne.Siitä tulee myös kaunis kuten on tämä kotikin, josta muutatte pois! Kiitos, kun saamme olla mukana muutossa!

Sofia, on February 4, 2019

mummi Turusta tiedän tasan mitä vaatekappaletta tarkoitat! Kiitos tsempeistä <3!

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