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by Sofia   -   in Interior design

How was your weekend? Mine was fun filled with a few too many classes of champagne and dancing. And amazing food here with friends. Sometimes it does a world of good to let loose a little, especially after having a tough month or week behind. So much fun. Now I´m resetting my body with healthy food choices. Also on the agenda stretching, physiotherapy exercises and a brisk long walk outside tonight to loosen up my shoulder a little. Over the weekend Cotton Candy joined me on my walk and we ended up getting my parents their favourite scones from St Georg´s bakery and brought them surprise breakfast on a Saturday morning when it was a very windy and snowy morning. They were very pleased and we got a nice little exercise out of it. Win-win.  


On Sunday something exciting happened! Our floors were finally finished. So we headed out to the new apartment to check them out. As you know when the renovation starts with stripping the apartment to almost it´s bare bones it takes so long before you start to see any progress. At all. I mean it takes forever to do the plumbing, electricity, new walls, fix the floors, build new floors in other spaces etc. You literally see nothing happening for the longest time. So every new wall is very exciting. We did keep the old, original , fishbone parquet floors ( obviously) that were so amazingly made you quite literally don’t see any cracks on them at all. But we had them sanded and re-done. They are gorgeous! Also our kitchen finally got walls! Yay! I´m trying not to be over eager about the whole thing but it´s actually quite hard. My friend is getting a puppy and I think I´m as excited about the renovation as she is about the puppy which is nuts so I´m trying to tone it down a little. It´s not like we are building the Taj Mahal. It´s just an apartment. But I love picking and choosing fixtures and knobs and lamps. I found the perfect fabric for the Pantry´s roman blind. Then it was discontinued but I contacted them and they promised to make me 3 m more. Another reason to get hyper excited. About things other people really don´t care about. But I´m riding this wave now and your are sort of stuck with me on this surf. 

Have a great start for the week!


p.s. The picture is from here. I first saw that pattern as a wallpaper ( in pink & white) on the background in a friend´s Instagram picture and tracked it down ( well another friend of mine found it for me) and then I saw they make it in a duck egg blue & white fabric and decided it would be great for the pantry ( I´m normally not very big on patterned fabrics like this but somehow this just belongs in that room with my cake pedestal collection). I ordered a sample and loved it but then as said it was discontinued. I´m so glad they were so helpful with this!

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