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Ski bunnies

Now that the move is over and the renovations is sort of handling it self ( we wish) I have time to focus on other frivolous things. Like ski bunny outfit for the girls for our upcoming skiing holiday. This year we bought them outfits from a previously unknown brand for us. They have down jackets ( from Il Gufo & Ver de Terre) that they use in school but I wanted something a little more sporty ( and also just to have a change of clothes if they get wet during their days) for skiing. We ended up having these outfits but as I did not want them to have exactly matching outfits we bought a separate pink coat for Cotton Candy ( as they did not sell pants separately). She already had Hestra cloves but Bubble Gum needed a pair so we tried these ( in pink). And also got them the hats and the merino wool under layers I mentioned on the blog earlier.









I thought these shoes would have been cute but we had already bought them winter shoes when I saw these. 

The price point is very reasonable so now we only wait to see if the quality is good. But it does seem good so far. We have not used them too much yet though. 

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