Song Of The Skylark

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I´m going to continue on my path of book recommendations. More coffee table books coming as well as some of my kids favourites. But first I wanted to share something very different. I think most of us “readers” have an author we really like who writes lighter literature. I know everyone has their favourite detective story writers ( Donna Leon is mine) and I presume it´s the same for romance novels. I bought my first Erica James book solely by it´s cover. My friend was going on a holiday in Como ( this is years ago) and she had bought the book and I saw the cover in the picture and it looked cute ( yes cute) and sounded like lovely light summer reading so I bought the book. I just liked the way she writes. Her writing is somehow soothing and light but I think the books are also well written. Romance novels that include lovely houses, beautiful scenery, silly but cute stories. There are English country sides with gardens, Aga burners in kitchens and old houses covered in rose vines. You can travel to Italy or Greece or back in time to the past.  You know I like Nancy Meyer´s movies. These books have the same kind of cute & lovely vibe.  If you are on a lookout for such reading at this time then check her out. I have read many of her books ( they are available on iBooks too) and for some reason I find them comforting. It´s not Henry James ( they just share a last name) but light & easy reading.




Do you have a ” comfort food” writer? Care to share? No shame here!

I hope your days are going by well. We are now all in to Zoom, Google Hangout, Face Time, Microsoft Teams and more. There are dance lessons in one and work related things in others, some are for school and then some for just talking to our friends near and far. We, like many others, had a wine & chat hour with my girlfriends on Saturday night and have now made plans with some other girlfriends to take a weekly coffee brake Face Time session. If there is something good coming out of this it´s this. Some friends we usually just Whatsapp with and have a random chat on the phone with and see live very too rarely ( a lot of my friends live abroad) I´m now starting to see more often online. Everyone is asking the same question. Why did we not do this more often? And yes of course I miss hugging my friends and I miss sharing meals. But a time for that will come. I know it will. This too shall pass.



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2 comments on “ Song Of The Skylark „
martta, on March 25, 2020

Kiitos, ihanaa lukea näitä kirjasuosituksia. Nämä menevät itselläni hankintalistalle per heti, sillä rakastan hyvän mielen kirjoja.
Itse myös kiinnitän helposti huomiota kirjan kansiin, ja olenkin nyt itse innostunut kauniskantisista klassikkokirjoista. Mikäli kiinnostaa, kurkkaa instagramissa Hayley Solano (@hayleysolano) hän esittelee aivan ihania klassikkoja eri kansissa.
Näitä olen myös antanut lahjaksi teini-ikäiselle kummitytölleni.
Aurinkoisia hetkiä teille kotoiluun 🙂

Sofia, on March 26, 2020

Kiva martta, että näistä on ollut iloa. Ja kiitos vastasuosituksesta! Mä myös rakastan niitä ihania kangaskantisia klassikoita ( Akateemisessa kans hyvä valikoima).

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