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Is it weird that by day three ( when I’m writing this) of 2022 I already have something on my wish list. It’s not things I necessarily need or will acquire. But I do like putting things out there in the universe. Besides we can all just need a little daydreaming and a little cuteness in our lives. And pink. I had to add something pink to one of the first posts of the year. So as I am spending my first Monday of the year in bed having an extra day off and in my pj´s past noon, why not, I do want to share these wish list items for lovely lounge mornings at home.




I feel like a French press is my next coffee thing. I love this Le Creuset stoneware one either in this ombre pink or in white. I do have an old Bodum one that does work just fine but this is very pretty and would look lovely in my kitchen. Besides I can always bring the other one to the island. Summerhouse also needs French press. 




This Lenora robe looks so cozy and I obviously love the scalloped detail in the collar and the fact you can get it monogrammed. But I think these are only available in the US so perhaps in the future.



My bedside table could use this for rubbing on my hands and feet before bedtime. As I love to smell like roses.




I did a flip though of the Cordelia de Castellane book on my instagram. Mine was a lovely Christmas gift from a friend which I really like a lot. Recommended for inspiration. Except if you are a minimalist then skip this.

I hope you all have a lovely day! I am back at work but look longingly and savor in my mind all those lovely long mornings that turned in to day before I got out of my robe and got dressed. But there are always weekends for us who are not the Dowager Countess who had no clue what it meant.

Best wishes,



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