Twinkle lights & powdered sugar

by Sofia   -   in Cooking

This morning I woke up early. I tiptoed to our kitchen. I lit up some candles & put my favourite Christmas playlist on in the background. I made myself a cup of coffee and got to work. I wanted to make an old-fashioned rice porridge for my family for breakfast. Not unlike risotto it takes about 40 minutes to come together so to get my girls to school in time I was up long before I could hear the pitter patter of bare feet and see sleepy eyed & messy haired little angels in their nightgowns emerge to the kitchen from the warmth of their beds.


Yesterday was one of those days when at the end of it, before bedtime stories I sneaked in to our bathroom, ran myself a relaxing lavender bubble bath and read my book for a while, soaking up the warmth and relaxation. Sometimes we just need a minute for ourselves. I have learned early on that I always feel better after a run or a bath. Even on good days it sometimes does a world of good to unwind after the hectic running around and then I can be more present for my girls. I took out all our Christmas books a few days ago. It´s so nice to get back to them again and again every year. Some of them are from my childhood and maybe one day I will read them to my grandchildren. So even though my girls read by themselves I enjoy these books together with them and want to have the right state of mind for that moment.


I have been enjoying this time of twinkle lights all around us so much. All the buildings look like gingerbread houses with the pretty lights. I make sure to turn on the lamps by our windows every morning and night when we wake up or come home to give light to those walking outside. I also put a led candle to our hallway that I keep on, flickering in the mornings and at night, when it´s dark so anyone who comes home or leaves to go out in the dark gets a warm and cozy feeling. We also put fairy lights in the girls rooms. They look so magical. 

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Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää

by Sofia   -   in Random



Uhkaa pohjan ääret aavat,
hohkaa hanget kuolemaa,
taivaat oudon siinnon saavat,
Louhen linnat loimottaa,
vankuu merenselkä laaka,
ulvoo hukka, hirvi syö;
painui päivän kultavaaka,
nousee raudan, roudan yö.

Yks on yössä vapaa valta:
pauhaa koski kuurapää.
Katsoo kuusi kukkulalta,
tähti päällä kimmeltää.
Hyppii hyiset vetten hyrskyt,
hyiset sotkat soutelee,
mutta missä taukoo tyrskyt,
jäinen joutsen joutelee.

”Hyv’ on hyyssä linnun olla,
ihanampi ihmisen,
armas Suomen suvannolla
ailakoida aatosten.
Eipä polta päivän helle,
paistaa kuolon kuudan-yö,
vaipat vilppaat sydämelle
utupiian pirta lyö.”

Vierii virsi tammikuinen,
kuulee mykkä metsä, maa.
”Turhaan riennät tuiretuinen,
rientos talvi taltuttaa,
antaa aika jäätä järkeen,
loihdut synkät sydämeen,
kuolon kirjat miekan kärkeen,
haudan hankeen siniseen.

Jäästä jäähän, hyystä hyyhyn
vyöryy elon virran vuo,
syöksyy miesi syystä syyhyn,
koski pauhaa, luoja luo,
pursuu puhki jäästä, yöstä
hetken kupla kultainen;
vaahto vaan jää urhon työstä,
laulu tiestä laineiden.”

Joikuu joutsen jäästä saatu,
rantaan kuohut kolkot lyö.
Ankara on laulun laatu,
tuima talven tähti-yö.
Värjyy metsän pyyntimiesi,
herää, säikkyy henkeään,
hiihtää, minne viittoo liesi,
piilee pirttiin lämpimään.

Eino Leino

To celebrate the Independence Day of Finland a poem by a Finnish poet Eino Leino about winter nights and a painting by Finnish artist Ferdinand von Wright. I think the painting has captured the gorgeous “blue hour” so uniquely coloured here in the  Scandinavian countries that arrives briefly before the sun sets or at dusk. I feel it has a cooler, more grey hue here up North yet with a warm sort of glowing undertone.

Tunnelmallista ja rauhaisaa itsenäisyyspäivää!


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Happy thoughts

by Sofia   -   in Random

Hope your week was great. Do you know what? You survived November! It´s almost December! I had a lovely month of kids birthday parties and travelling. My husband and I took a vacation in New York and it was amazing ( it was my early Christmas present). I love spending one on one time with him but we also had some friends in town for a few days of our trip so we enjoyed lunches, dinners, cocktails & breakfasts with people we love. My favourites were visiting The Met and taking the metro to Brooklyn for an ice-hockey game. Something for both of us yet we enjoyed each others preferred activities tremendously.

Other happy thoughts lately have been…

Cute Christmas mugs make me happy! When you play fun Christmassy tunes in the kitchen early in the morning whilst making breakfast for the kids and hold your special mug in your hands you can´t have a grumpy start to your day. Add a delightful scented candle and some gingerbread spice mix on your coffee to have an extra good morning.






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