Confetti Bowl

by Sofia   -   in DIY projects

Cotton Candy is the crafting queen of my family. She seems to always be browsing through Pinterest or YouTube for new things to craft. This time it was a confetti bowl. 



You need a balloon, mod podge, a sponge, confetti and a vase or a glass to hold it while it dries. First you blow the balloon and cover the round side with mod podge for a bowl shaped area with your sponge. Then you add confetti all over in abundance. Then you put another layer of mod podge on top and leave it to dry overnight on the vase or glass. Then the next day you just break the balloon and you have a bowl! Quite easy!

Have a fun day!


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Oh Fall

by Sofia   -   in Random

Who´s excited for Fall? I know I know it´s still summer for one more month and I love it. But as you may well know Fall gets me all giddy and excited. On one hand there is the running around from one hobby to another and supervising home work and playdates and what have you but on the other hand there is the rhythm, the structure and there is obviously pumpkin spice. I mean I love summer, island season, flowery dresses and all that. But I also love my Hunter boots and weekly meal planning, candle light and spicing up my morning latte. I love cozy evenings on the sofa with a cup of tea and some favourite show on a rerun ( Fall always brings out the need to watch Downton Abbey). 

I will miss spending all day long with my girls and not having to wake them up early. I will miss the island when it closes for the season. I will miss warm mornings when you don´t even have to think about a pullover or socks. But I know the time will come for those again too. The uncertainties I had for the Fall luckily faded away and there is now room for planning so I can enjoy my favourite season ( they are all my favourites). 


I noticed that the new season brings anxiety to many so I thought I would list all the great things about Fall to make you feel better.

Pretty umbrellas

Candle light in a darkening night

Pumpkin spice

Cozy dinners

Looking through the windows at warm lights at night whilst on a run

Hot bubble baths after a rainy day

Tea and cashmere socks

Reading a great book with the previous

Your kids stories about school or hobbies or friends

Early breakfasts in candle light



Weekends that feel like weekends

The more structured Fall clothes

Big scarves

First crispy cool mornings

Planning winter vacations and city escapes

Wearing cute hats and beanies

Pretty leaves in oranges, yellows and reds

The impending Christmas at the end of Fall

I´m pretty sure there is a lot more to be excited about but I will stick to these now. I really really wanted to write rainy days but I´m pretty sure they don´t feel so cozy to others so I just stuck to pretty umbrellas. I hope your Fall anxieties melted in to a cozy and warm feeling of taking advantage of the season. 

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Back to school

by Sofia   -   in Good things for kids  Shopping

Täällä yksi tuleva ekaluokkalainen jo jänskäilee vähän alkavaa koulua ja ensimmäistä koulupäivää. Silloin käydään myös ottamassa vihdoin kauan toivotut reiät korviin. Ensimmäisen koulupäivän asukin on jo valittu ja se näyttää tältä…

We are very excited and a little nervous about the first day of school ( well Bubble Gum is). She has already chose her outfit for the important day if weather permits. 







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