Wish list

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Do you keep secret boards on your Pinterest? I have at least as many as I have open ones ( from handsome men to my next dream apartment to my fit motivation board etc.). One of those lists includes my “wish list”. Lately I have been crossing things off it one by one. The list is not even mostly clothes or accessories it has everything from table wear to cake stands and from hair brushes to high heels. I decided to get things that I have really earmarked for myself instead of just getting things that attract my attention in the moment. Some are even very affordable so why not get those instead. Here are some of the things from my wish list, on top of those Chanel sling backs, I have recently purchased and not regretted for a minute.



 The Mason Pearson brush. So worth it. 

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Happy thoughts

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Viikonloppu on taas kolkuttelemassa ovella. Toivottavasti se tuo mukanaan ison kimpun kukkasia ja pullon hyvää viiniä. Mielellään vaikka vielä jonkun ihanan tuoksukynttilän. Sellainen vieras on aina tervetullut minun kotiini. Vaikka toki viikonloppu on tervetullut muutenkin! Tällä kertaa taas onnen aiheiden siivittämänä…

Minut on viime aikoina tehnyt onnelliseksi moni asia. Aivan erityisesti olen miettinyt muiden kykyä kehua ihmisiä. Sain töissä kollegalta ja esimieheltäni molemmilta viimeaikoina niin kauniisti muotoiltua palautetta, että se jäi lämmittämään mieltäni pidemmäksikin aikaa. Ja sitten pohdin ystävääni joka aina kehuu ja kannustaa kovasti minua ja muitakin naisia, ihan tuntemattomiakin. Minusta se on jotenkin valtavan hieno piirre ihmisessä. Ja varsinkin se, kuinka hän löytää toisen luonteesta ja taidoista sellaisia ominaispiirteitä joiden huomioiminen on harvinaista, mutta sitäkin arvokkaampaa. Itse huomaan usein helposti kehuvani joitain ulkoisia piirteitä, huomaan kauniin vaatteen tai freessin kampauksen, ystävän iloisen hymyn. Toki sellainenkin aina ilahduttaa. Aion kuitenkin nyt oikein keskittyä itsekin kehumaan ystävissä ja tuntemattomissakin niitä muitakin hienoja piirteitä. Koska se tekee vastaanottajan lisäksi myös antajalle hyvän mielen ja laittaa toivottavasti sen hyvän kiertämään.

Tässä sitten niitä vähän pinnallisempia onnen aiheita, koska niitä on selkeästi helpompi kuvata…




Two happy thoughts in one photo. First of all these Mosser Glass Mixing Bowls in pale pink. They have been on my wish list for a year now I think ( I will write about that list on the blog next week). I can see myself whipping up sweet desserts in them but also serving fruit and berries from them, using them for pretty summer salads and dips for a Mexican Fiesta and the list goes on. Can´t you just imagine them with pretty strawberries and peaches or a lovely green guacamole. Or even pretty mixed pastel candies or popcorn for movie night. It is no secret that I have a soft spot for the perfect baby pink but if you love these yet not so much the colour then know that they also come in green, light blue and white. The other favourite you can already guess. Yes the Meyer Lemons! It´s the season and I just love them. I have written so much about these lemons on the blog but if you are new here, they are a mixture of a mandarin and a lemon. Sweeter and softer than a regular lemon but still tangy and a little smaller in size. They are as pretty as they are delicious.



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Sling it back

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Sometimes when I write you these posts I just come up with a silly title and think I will change it before publishing and often end up not doing it after all. Does anyone immediately think of a song when reading this one? I still have a few Moloko songs on my running play list.

Anyhow I have been asked for personal style posts over and over again and I don´t know why I never end up writing them. I just sort of feel that I should either write them often or not at all. But heck, it´s my blog so why could I not just write about anything I like. So here is a style post and it may take me a week or a year to write the next one but the so be it…

I have been so needing new shoes for a while and by “needing” I mean just wishing for a new pair to top of my already ridiculous amount of shoe boxes that take over half of my walk in closet space. So very frivolously wishing and not really needing at all. Anyhow I had my eye on this pair of Aquazurra velvet powder puff heels in an antique rose colour that my dear friend who lives in Singapore ( who´s style I love although we are very differently built and totally can not wear the same clothes but shoes & bags for sure…) has had for some time. So when we were in Miami I tried them on and they were fabulous. My husband told me to buy them but I figured that I should just order them from Net-a-porter to get them delivered straight home ( besides they were substantially cheaper in Europe). So at the hotel we went online to do just that… they were sold out in my size. I was very bummed and then I could not find them anywhere in my size anymore.

Later on I found another super pretty pair from the same brand in my size and hinted at hubby that those would be great too. No sign of any shoes for a while. Then my friend found the powder puffs on sale at a Finnish store Nina´s in red. She found them on Saturday and they still had them in every size and I told my husband that maybe I should just buy them in red instead. He told me not to get them and left to pick something up from his office ( I may or may not have been sulking a little at this point). He had ordered the other shoes for me and was keeping them for a special moment ( that I sort of ruined by accident). They were so pretty! And just a little too big for me. So they had to be sent back.

On Monday I went to Nina´s to buy the red ones. They had just sold out in my size. Seriously! I realised that those pompom shoes were not meant to be. So I walked to another shop and bought myself the Chanel slingbacks I had been dreaming of for a long time. And realised that I am a classics girl after all. They were the shoes that were meant to be for me. And the story ends with me getting the shoes at the same price the Aquazurras would have been in Miami. But these were my shoe destiny. And my other friend got the red pompoms in her size and will rock them for sure I can admire them on her!

So here is my pretty new pair I can wear with anything from jeans to a little black dress. With a Chanel inspired jacket or a sloughy cashemere jumper or a leather jacket. I can wear them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And I will definitely wear them for our girls trip to the South of Spain in May. And as one friend pointed out these are the perfect shoes to wear to a place where there are cobble stone streets as the heels won´t get stuck and especially after a few glasses of wine ( no need to lean on hubby excessively).






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