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Haluaisin jakaa kanssanne vähän kuvia ja pienen matkakertomuksen viikko sitten Tukholmassa vietetyistä häistä. Tai oikeastaan hetkistä ennen häitä. Tämä on rakkaustarina johon liitty ystäviä. Niitä joiden kanssa on elänyt jo puolet elämästään, osan kanssa paljon kauemminkin. Miten arvokas asia ihmisen elämässä voi olla ystäväporukka jossa kaikki ihmiset ovat kasvaneet teinivuosista omiin suuntiinsä, lähteneet maailmalle, palanneet takaisin, hankkineet perheitä ja silti aina ja aina vaan uudestaan ystävyyden side on niin vahva, että tuntuu kuin mikään ei pääsisi välillemme.

A little love story of friendship if you may in the form of photos from the wedding in Stockholm. Actually photos of the moments leading to the wedding really. Actual wedding photos were taken by a professional photographer. I was too busy celebrating the love in the air. We were 5 bridesmaids. One of us was the little sister of the groom, I remember babysitting her and prepping her for a french test when she was maybe ten ( this really made me realize how years have gone by). The rest of us form a very tight and old group of friends with the groom. We have been friends for at least half of our lives. Is that not just so special. These people are my true love story. And I was so excited to get to spend a whole weekend with them. Here goes…

Friday morning a friend of mine and I kissed our kids goodbye and took taxis to meet the airport. We contemplated going for coffee but thought a glass of champagne would be more appropriate. The perfect beginning.
We realized the plane had taken us to heaven…
… I mean really! The inner yard ( where the wedding ceremony took place).
Entrance hall mirror selfie. Hello! ( Those flowers!!!)
We were greeted with refreshing home made lemonade. I told you, heaven.
Then we had lunch in Michelle van der Milles.

The menu.
The food was incredible.
A Korean steak tartare. Bravery before ones wedding day.
The drinks were just as good…

We all loved this particular painting.

Then it was time for mani-pedis. We all had been given a little different looks for the wedding and everyones nails were matched with the make up. This blue is Dior´s.
The nail bar was a little small to accommodate us all at once so I had time to go for quick shopping. My favorite shop in Stockholm, The Good Morning Co was closed as were many of the small shops due to the national day in Sweden. Luckily Ladurée was open so I got a little something to take home for the girls.
My nail color was blood red for a “mafioso´s wife look”. ( The look was a little Dolce & Gabbana -esque and had nothing to do with my husband… just so you know.)
It was time to do a little rehearsal in the garden. The jacket in this photo is one of my favorites at the moment. After seeing Blue Jasmine I got a pressing need for a Chanel jacket. But as they cost a bit more than I´m willing to spend on a jacket at the moment I found a perfect substitute in Zara.
After a little run through we had coffee and cake in the beautiful “orangerie” in the hotel.
Here! Isn´t it gorgeous?

These individual vases were so pretty I´m thinking of getting similar ones I saw in Proloque.
Oh cake.. the topping was a tad sour and the strawberries very sweet. Simple and so perfect.

After the cake we took a little brake to rehears our speech. Then it was time for a sauna. I didn´t have my camera with me there but the sauna was a dimly lit very simple and calming gray space. In the middle of the shower room was a large hot stone table where one could lie and then there was a special little thing amongst the regular shower. There was a bucket hanging from the ceiling  and you could fill it by pressing a button. It filled with cold water. Then there were strings to pull and… you know, get a bucket full of cold water over you body. It´s actually as invigorating as taking a dip in the cold sea. Very refreshing. After the sauna we were chilling on my rooms large balcony in the summer evening in our matching white robes and talking for quite some time. Then we returned to the orangerie for dinner…

And what a dinner it was! We had pre-ordered a vegetarian spread. Three starter courses, main course and dessert. This was the first starter. Grilled beans with parmesan. It was one of the best dishes I´ve eaten. I loved it. I reckon the beans were pre boiled in salty water and then quickly grilled on a charcoal grill. I´m making this all summer!
A selection of fresh breads and crisp bread with plenty of seeds. To die for.
This dish was a delicious carrot pure with cooked mini carrots and crispy carrot slices. On top was a crunchy sprinkling of buckwheat.
A tangy vinegary beet salad.
A cheesy buckwheat risotto with grilled salad, broccoli, whole- and thinly sliced asparagus.
We ate in candle light while dark clouds took over the night sky. We laughed so loud and it was truly a magical yet a very relaxed dinner. Our faces were fresh from the sauna, hair wet and I was cuddled in my favorite light silk pants that are almost like pyjamas and a soft cashmere sweater. It was just perfect. One of my favorite dinners that I will remember forever.
My dessert obsession at the moment. Lemon sorbet with a lemon curd tasting sabayon kind of dressing ( I really don´t know how to describe it better) , fresh raspberries, meringue ( I think it was made with brown sugar as it had a subtle caramel flavor to it) and mint. Oh-my-lord.

Then it was time to say good night and get some rest before the big day. The bed was so soft and so comfortable I think I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow. What a day. This love story continues tomorrow…


p.s. Huomenna ja ylihuomenna olen tuolla Korkeavuorenkadulla. Nähdäänhän siellä! Löydät osoitteen sivupalkista.



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