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Pink in the kitchen

I try really hard to be the kind of person who only sticks to white and beige but I fail all the time. Well the truth is I don´t really even try. Let´s say I admire the people who managed to grow up from their pink stage. But I never did. And it´s not due to the lack of pink in my life as a child. Believe me I was not refused pink but practically refused to wear anything but ( I did have to wear navy and gray too and I do see a pattern here that has continued to my girls so I guess some things might be genetic). The truth is I love pink. It makes me happy. I think it´s pretty and uplifting. I don´t really mean the kind where all your electronics from tv´s to coffee makers have to be  pink. But here and there it just uplifts me. I tend to keep the pink to minimum in other spaces than the girls room and the occasional pink sheets in our bed. But sometimes it just bursts out of me and I can´t help it. So I was in Stockholm over the weekend and went to Leila´s general store to get a few good spatulas and such ( she makes really sturdy ones… in pink). And a few other pink items just jumped to my shopping bag. I was completely unaware of them hopping from the shelves and landing there but I was already paying so I just had to bring them home. You know I´m lying again… Might I have a pink abuse problem? Anyway here are the pretty little devils…

Ihan ensiksi haluaisin kiittää teitä kaikista viimeaikaisista kommenteista. Olette ihania . Löysin muutaman vaaleanpunaisen herkun Tukholmasta viime viikonloppuna ja ne pääsivät ainakin hetkellisesti tuomaan hieman vaaleanpunaista ilmettä myös keittiöömme…

Pärlans makes the best caramels. Now they had these lovely sauces too. Salted licorice caramel sounds divine.

This pink bunny candy jar was too cute to pass. I love bunnies and first I thought it would be perfect for easter but I think I like it too much to hide it in a cupboard for most of the year.

I found these lovely appliquéd linen napkins and now I feel like baking a pretty cake and inviting someone over.
Mary Poppins had the right attitude. My favorite mug at the moment so I have to wash it by hand for it to always be ready for a cup of coffee.

Itseni lisäksi ostin toki myös tytöille pari suloista tuliaista. He olivat olleet oikein kiltisti vanhempieni hoidossa koko viikonlopun ( poikien golf- reissu sattui samalle viikonlopulle). Tukholma oli muuten aivan fantastinen. Ainahan se on. Jos minun pitäisi valita joku muu kaupunki kuin Helsinki jossa asua, muuttaisin varmaankin Tukholmaan tai Hampuriin. Siellä minulla on kotoinen olo. Miten kurjaa se onkaan kun parhaat ystävät muuttavat ulkomaille, mutta onneksi sentään tajusivat muuttaa niin ihaniin paikkoihin kuin Lontooseen ja Tukholmaan niin visiteeraaminen ei ole niin kovin kamalaa. Ja onneksi niitä maailman parhaita ystäviä on täällä Suomessakin. Ystävien kanssa vietetty aika on kyllä maailman tärkeintä .




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