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Chocolate cake with pink frosting

As I wrote in Finnish yesterday we enjoyed some cake on Bubble Gum´s birthday. We only had the grandparents over and we´ll be hosting another party for all the little friends, the girls cousins and godparents with their kids on a later occasion. Because the girls have four cousins almost the same age as them and their godparents all have plenty of kids too it´s always such a hassle to have everyone at a birthday party at the same time and we thought this year it would be nice for the girls to enjoy some special attention from just their grandparents ( and their 2 awesome uncles that don´t have kids yet). And Bubble Gum so did.

I decided to make it easy on myself too and make the invitation just for coffee and cake as I sometimes tend to “over do” these party things. But then I thought if I´m going to make just cake I´ll make it something special and I´ll try something new. I had a decoration idea ready, a cute cake I had pinned on Pinterest ages ago and really wanted to make for Bubble Gum as it looked so “her”. Then on Sunday morning I was sipping my coffee in bed and leafing through some of my baking books. I found a delicious sounding chocolate brownie cake with fresh raspberries, dark chocolate and a pink raspberry meringue buttercream frosting. Perfect I thought, I´ll just make that. Hmmm…

Well as we all know sometimes things just don´t come together as they are meant to. The baking was fun with melting  fabulous dark chocolate with butter and whipping  pretty organic eggs with organic muscovado sugar. I inserted yummy fresh raspberries one by one in to the batter in the cake form so every piece would have plenty. Only the best ingredients for my baby girl. The cake went in to the oven and it rose very nice and level. I let it cool and it slipped out of the form perfectly. I was so proud of myself. Then I started cutting it in levels. The cake was raw inside. Like delicious chocolate fondant type-raw. All wrong for a cake that needs to be assembled in layers. So somehow I sculpted a cake resembling tower and covered it in the meringue buttercream. I´ve made swiss meringue buttercream so many times and I know that it curdles easily but if you just keep whipping it all comes back together. Or then you cool it for a while and after that it does. But mine curdled and it just was not smoothing out. At this point I started to run out of time. So I slathered the curdled frosting on top of the cake´ish shaped tower of I don´t know what. And thought how glad I was to a) not be a professional baker and making someones wedding cake and b) making it for my in-laws and parents who probably would have congratulated me for making ice-cream portions ( which as an afterthought would have been a fantastic idea). Luckily the decorations were pretty much plastic animals with cute party hats so at least the topping looked cute. But when we cut the cake it somehow magically looked like pieces of cake and not mud and it was one of the best tasting cakes I have ever made. Just to be on the safe side my husband had slipped champagne classes to everyones hands when they arrived. So coffee and cake and champagne it was. A lovely little party that made the lovely little birthday girl very happy.

Make a wish birthday girl!

Muutama kuva Purkan syntymäpäiväkahveilta. Epäonnisen kakun tarinan voit lukea tuosta yltä englanniksi. Kakku oli kuitenkin todella hyvää joten jos resepti kiinnostaa niin se on Linda Lomelinon kirjassa Lomelinos Tårtor. Löydät sen myös täältä.

Näiden kuvien myötä toivotan teille myös makoisaa viikonloppua vähän etuajassa. Nähdään täällä taas ensi viikolla!

Wishing you a sweet weekend ( a little earlier this week) and I´ll see you here next week!




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