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Easter dinner

I hope you all had a great Easter! Ours included lots of family time, many rounds of dominoes, some good food and great wine and we went to see some cute new born lambs and chicks. They were all just a few days old if even that and so adorable. All in all we had a fun and lovely time.

I really wanted to share a few photos from our dinner table setting from one of the nights that we dined in our house. Our menu was inspired by the spring. We had green asparagus for starters. I really love it with a mixture of great olive oil and butter heated up with herbs such as oregano, sage and thyme. Add some grated lemon rind and juice, salt and pepper and you are in heaven. Generous shaving of aged parmesan on top is a must! For our main course my dad prepared the lamb and the sauce for it. He is the best chef in the world. I made us a big salad of mesclun greens with a sweet balsamic dressing and garlic potatoes. No one in our family is really in to the creamy kind and everyone always just wants the crispy topping so instead of making it in to a casserole I sliced the potatoes very thin on a mandolin, spread them evenly on baking sheets and drizzled olive oil on top. Then I added plenty of garlic, salt and black pepper and put them in the oven until crispy golden brown. To die for-good. Mint jelly is a must with lamb in our household and we baked an Italian Easter bread to go with it. I actually used my friends challah recipe that is a little sweet and added boiled and coloured eggs for lovely original looks. I added some saffron to it for a lovely yellow colour. This was a suggestion from a colleague of mine and the colours looked very pretty together. I also braided a regular challah loaf to save for the morning and we made ridiculously good french toast from it for breakfast. For dessert I made some meringues to be served with pretty pale green pistachio ice-cream, whipped cream and red currants. I´m sharing the recipe for those meringues this week. We used the rest of the whipped cream at breakfast. What a feast!


I found my inspiration for the table setting on Pinterest. I chose a few photos that had a great casual and a little “farm table”-feel to them. Fresh and spring like.


I found a porcelain bunny and hen from a shop that sells accessories for porcelain painting. They have the prettiest dishes for reasonable prizes. I recommend having a look in one ( search locally on line). You could even write a menu on one of these.
Organic farm eggs. I coloured some white ones robin egg blue and from the brown ones I hand picked the ones with the most dots on them. Now we can have many herbed omelettes for lunch next week.


The idea for this simple and pretty bunny ear napkin place card was on Pinterest as well. I used chocolate eggs with real egg shells and wrote everyones initials on them. They also doubled as a sweet to have with and espresso after dinner ( but we were too full to crack them open…).
Nothing prettier than a bread basket and a crispy white linen napkin.





Pretty and fragrant narcissus. I usually choose non-scented flowers for the dining room table but these had such a lovely and fresh scent it fitted the atmosphere so nicely.






I had all the serving dishes I needed ready and waiting. The gorgeous dark violet hyacinths are from Inbloom flower shop.
We baked some Italian Easter bread. I coloured the eggs by adding Wilton colours for the cooking water. We made regular bread rolls and these cute ones that we had in two baskets on both end of the table. Some pretzel salt gives it a nice finish.
The girls had special drinks from Le Bon Marche from Paris. Organic Rose sodas. So delicious!

Toivottavasti pääsiäisesi oli mukava! Meillä on syöty hyvin, vietetty aikaa perheen kanssa ja pelattu monta kierrosta uutta domino-peliä. Kävimme myös Falkullassa katsomassa pieniä muutaman päivän ikäisiä tipuja ja ankanpoikasia sekä karitsoja. Ne olivat kyllä suloisia! Kuvissa kiirastorstaisen illallisen kattaus. Menusta olikin jo puhetta viimeisimmässä postauksessa.

Hyvää viikon jatkoa!

Have a great rest of the week!


p.s. Tomorrow some kids clothes!


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