Good things for kids


If your kids are anything like mine, and I´m pretty sure all kids are in this way, there is something that will keep them entertained for a long time. Binoculars. All the people on boats and on the islands of the Finnish Archipelago own at least one pair of binoculars. They are great for spotting birds but mostly used for checking out whose boat is getting closer to your summer house. In other words to see who is coming for coffee. Regular binoculars are quite heavy for little hands and not that easy to handle because of their size ( and often quite expensive too so you might not want to risk them falling on the cliffs). That is why I was happy when I found real binoculars that actually work but are made for children. We have watched birds fishing from the sea and looked at sailboats passing by far away. They are also great for pretend play. We now have an explorer team who find all kinds of interesting things around the island and report to the rest of the world if they are safe or perhaps life threatening findings. We seem to find lots of dangerous things like toad skins ( yup!) and other icky stuff ( not for real obviously). These are definitely worth their prize! And they are made of rubber so no chance of braking them on the rocks either. A very good thing indeed!





This girl is growing so fast all the time now. She grew out of her last pair of wellies so we ordered new ones last week…


… She was in charge of the colour and chose pink glitter boots! Luckily the glitter part is not that obvious unless you inspect them close up. Her little sister told me she can not wait to grow up so she can inherit these.




Nämä lasten kiikarit ovat erinomainen löytö! Olemme kuljeskelleet kallioilla ja katselleet lintuja ja veneitä. Kiikarit kädessä pieni ihminen myös tuntee itsensä tutkimusmatkailijaksi ja roolileikkejä onkin leikitty paljon. Kiikarit ovat kevyet, mutta toimivat ja kumilla päällystetyt, joten eivät hajoa ihan helposti. Lämmin suositus näille. Kuvissa vilahtelee myös Hattaran uudet kumisaappaat jotka hän sai valita itse. Pinkkiä glitteriä, mitäs muutakaan!


p.s. The binoculars have a magnification factor of x4 so these will not replace your actual binoculars that are often 7×50.

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