Cinnamon buns

The scent of cinnamon and cardamon fill the air. But it´s not necessarily the Christmassy kind just the “I need to eat this right away” – kind. Cinnamon buns are one of my favourite pastries. They are just heaven. I have actually never tasted the American frosted kind. And although I´m sure they are heavenly I love the Scandinavian version. We like our cinnamon buns big and sugary… and with a lot of butter too. This is one of those recipes where you don´t want to start skimping or counting calories. Just go full force with the sugar and the butter and the everything! And be prepared to die and end up in cinnamon heaven.

I´m sure everyones grandmother has passed down the best recipe but if you are not in fact Scandinavian but want to impress your friends and family with something yummy you can find a classic and unbeatable recipe in English right here ( and the photos are perfect too!). I don´t bake buns that often really so even I turn to a recipe when making some. I think I will keep this one forever now.





A few notes though. This makes a lot of yummy buns so if you want you can turn half of them in to cinnamon buns and half to another Finnish favourite a “butter eye” bun. Spread half of the dough in to about 8 to 10 pieces and roll them in to round buns. Make thumb prints in each one and fill them with a butter and sugar mixture. If you like you can still decorate with the pearl sugar. Brush them with your egg wash like the cinnamon buns and the rising & baking time is the same too. My grandmother also thought me a few things about baking buns that will come in handy if you are not used to them. When kneading the dough put just on hand in. If your door bell or phone rings or if you need to crab something like more flour you will have a clean hand for that. And when you need to rinse your hands use cold water first. The dough comes off your hands a lot easier. That´s it.

Make them, make some coffee and thank me later ( or the other blogger really…)!

Koska jokaisella Suomalaisella taitaa olla korvamerkattuna hyvä korvapuustiresepti, niin tänään blogimerkintä vain englanniksi. Jos kuitenkin sinulla on hyvä resepti hakusessa niin tuon linkin takaa löytyy erinomainen perinteinen versio.


p.s. I didn´t manage to make super pretty cinnamon buns but the taste is what really matters, right?!


  • Ansku

    Kylläpä rupesi tekemään mieli korvapuusteja.. 😀 Näitä ei kyllä tule leivottua kovinkaan usein, mutta kun niitä tekee, niin kummasti ne kaikki vaan menevät aika nopeasti parempiin suihin 🙂

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