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I have told you this before but Cotton Candy is so in to making arts and crafts projects. I try to find her little projects she can finish off by herself and be proud of but not get frustrated with. Now that the ballet season is back on I found her a little heart shaped craft box ( for like 1 €) to keep her ballet bun accessories in. She loved making it so I thought I would share the project. It was simple but turned out pretty and useful. I know we have like a million little tins and old Ladurée boxes she could use for this but it´s always lovely to see when they are so proud of what they made. It´s also a useful skill to know how to do things yourself and not always buy something new.  It might also be cute to make something like this as the wrapping for a friend´s birthday present if you gave something small like a wooden bracelet.

So here is what we used:

A small white cardboard box

pencils and a felt pen



Mod Podge ( a sort of glue that also gives a glossy lacquered like finish to products)

First she coloured the box with a pencil and wrote her name on top with a felt pen. You could also use crayons or watercolours. Then she glued some stickers on the box. I keep a good stash of stickers for the girls so we just found some with ballerinas on them. She also wanted to add a butterfly sequin on the lid. We finished the box with Mod Podge to give it a glossy finish and to help it last longer. I also helped her with some glitter we added on the sides of the lid. We let that dry for a while and added another layer of Mod Podge so it would not fall off and be all over her ballet clothes. All in all it was a super easy and cute project. And now she has a place to keep all her pins and hairnets.












On next week´s ballet class her teachers is shoving us parents how to make a real ballerina bun with a hair net and pins. I must say that is one class I could skip and be sure not to fail. After making ballet buns for myself almost daily for many many years I can still do it with my eyes closed in 30 seconds. A ballerina bun is actually one of the prettiest hairstyles in my opinion. So classy if it´s done right. My friend once said to me a long time ago ( we were in high school I think) that only people with really pretty faces can pull off a tight pony tail or a ballerina bun but I personally think it looks fresh on almost everyone.

Have a sweet day!



  • Liina

    Onpa kaunis rasia! Todella siististi taiteiltu.

    Tytöilläsi on todella kauniit hiukset ja eilisessä postauksessakin heillä oli hienot letit.

    Olisi hauskaa ja hyödyllistä, jos joskus haluaisit kirjoittaa tyttöjen hiustenlaittovinkeistä – vaikka sitten tuon oikeaoppisen ballerinanutturan tekemisestä ym.

    Pitkähiuksisen tytön äitinä joka-aamuinen haaste on saada lapsen hiukset siististi kiinni letille tms. ettei hiukset jäisi kiinni mihinkään kesken leikkien, mutta viimeistään lasta hakiessa on kampaus jo purkaantunut ja hiukset sojottavat joka suuntaan 😉 Eli vinkkejä tyttöjen hiustenlaittoon kaivataan.

    • Sofia

      Liina, kiitos hyvästä toiveaiheesta. Ongelmana tässä on vaan se, että meidän lapset näyttävät kyllä aivan peikkometsän otuksilta kun haen heitä päiväkodista, eli ei ainakaan minun tekemät kampaukset kovin hyvin kestä pävän leikkejä :D. Mutta laitan tämän silti työn alle!

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