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As I told you Bubble Gum had her 4th birthday party yesterday. She was allowed to invite as many guest as her age is. Four guest plus her and her sister was actually the perfect amount. Six kids are relatively easy to handle. I picked them up with a friend after snack from nursery and we walked home hand in hand and then I had asked the parents to pick them up at our place instead of the nursery. It worked out very well as the kids were not too tired like they would have been after nursery hours and the parents didn´t have to do anything except for pick up ( but we live close to the nursery so it was not such a big difference). I had two friends helping me out a little which was super nice. Although the kids practically took care of themselves it´s always nice to have another adult in the house just in case. 

The party was a Belle and Boo themed baking party. The kids did not really do any baking per se just decorating cup cakes but I did ask them to bring aprons just in case. I also decorated little chefs hats for them. They looked adorable in them! We had just a little snack of miniature pretzel buns with a Boo shaped cheese and cucumber and some fruit, carrots, tomatoes and strawberries. Then the kids had individual cupcakes on little pedestals that they got to decorate and eat. That was practically it. Super easy and fun and they loved it. Everyone got to take one cupcake home too with a tube of sprinkle candy. The kids also coloured some Belle colouring pages I printed from the website and then Bubble Gum opened her presents and the kids played with those and cooked up a storm in the play kitchen ( more cupcakes that is!). All in all it was a very stress free party and everyone seemed to be having a good time! I even had time to sit down and drink a cup of coffee. After the guests left and we had cleaned up ( plenty of sprinkles  in our vacuum cleaner!) we sat down to build the new puzzles and to eat some pizza and salad for dinner. It was such a fun birthday and I think it was great that Bubble Gum got to do it on her actual birthday. I think it made it feel even more special!

Here are ( way too many) pictures if you´d like to see…

Muutama kuva Belle & Boo leivontajuhlista, eli Purkan nelivuotis kaverisynttäreiltä. Sukulaisille ja kummeille pidämme molempien tyttöjen yhteiset kakkukahvit sitten Marraskuun alussa joten nyt kylässä oli vain muutama pikkutyttö ja yksi pikkupoika.










Bubble Gum got a red Maxi Micro from us in the morning. She was desperate to set it up even though I said daddy would do it after work. Here you can see her trying to open it anyway.


I attached Belle & Boo toppers on the straws. Everyone had a different picture and a different straw.






I used the Boo cookie cutter to make Boo shaped cheese for our mini pretzel buns. We will for sure use it for cookies later on too. Boo is so cute!



Plenty of sprinkles! After the party I collected all the leftovers from the table and made a very pretty sprinkle medley from them!




I got these paper chefs hats at Chez Marius which is a specialised kitchen supply store. They cost 1 € each and I decorated them with cupcake liner flowers and little Belle & Boo stickers. So easy!



I found red candy popcorn in New York. Perfect! Although the very artificial cherry flavour was actually quite horrible…



I had bought the balloons and crepe paper roll from Happy Monday ages ago and the cards are also a collection from here and there that I have saved.



I dressed up the topiaries from our kitchen window sills with some crepe paper bows and I attached two candy necklaces to make the streamers.




The kids made the cupcakes in to awesome pieces of art! I loved what they came up with!


Some colouring pages on our coffee table.



Phew! Done! Little aprons hanging and waiting for another day and another baking project.


 I hope you have a great day! And I also wish you a happy weekend now!

Ihanaa päivää, hyvää viikonloppua ja kiva kun kävit taas täällä!



Belle and Boo gift boxes, toppers, paper cups, stickers etc. from here. We used these invitations that were just perfect for our theme!

I found the individual cupcake stands from a colour me mine type of a store in Helsinki called Meder.

Balloons and crepe paper rolls are from Happy Moday.

Blue paper plates and toot sweet napkins etc. are from Shop Sweet Lulu.

The rest is mostly from my cupboards that are filled with party supplies.



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8 comments on “ Belle and Boo Baking party „
Helen, on October 15, 2015

Such a sweet birthday theme and I love the idea of the children decorating their own cupcake! We have a third birthday to look forward to this weekend and at the request of the birthday girl the cake needs to look a little bit ‘Frozen’. From reading your blog last week I can completely empathise with getting caught up in the commercialism of a great Disney film, but a little bit in moderation is okay and keeps everyone happy. Happy weekend to you! 😉

Sofia, on October 20, 2015

Helen you too! And I hope I did not make myself sound like I object to everything Frozen/ Disney, I really don´t!

Carolina, on October 16, 2015

Ihanat koristeet ja ihanan näköiset pikkutytön synttärit 🙂
Onnea pienelle näin jälkikäteen!

Sofia, on October 20, 2015

Kiitos paljon Carolina!

Ita, on October 17, 2015

So pretty! So sweet and fun idea!

Sofia, on October 20, 2015

Thank you so much Ita!

Ravit, on December 29, 2015

Looking good, good idea!

Sofia, on December 30, 2015

Thank you Ravit!

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