Crafting with bunnies part 3

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Tänään vielä yksi printtailu linkki. Näillä munilla voisi vaikka koristella pajunkissan oksia virpojien jaettavaksi. Muistakaas muuten palmusunnuntai joka on tänä vuonna 20.3. Silloin pikku trulleja on taas liikkeellä ja suklaamunia tai muita pieniä pääsiäisherkkuja on hyvä varata palkkioksi.

Are you all bunny crafted up already? We also made these hanging decorations with our best friend Peter on them. Yet again it´s just a print and cut craft. Although to make these sturdier we glued them on watercolour paper first. You could hang these from some pussy willow branches. I did not have any yet so I used my tulips for now just to get some pictures for you, but they look a bit silly there. Hope you get the idea though ( and it gave me a chance to shoot these incredible beautiful flowers for you!). The template is here.







I´m still loving these Beatrix Potter cutlery & tumblers I bought a few years ago for the girls. They have some in the collection at Pottery Barn Kids for this year too. Unfortunately these do not ship to Europe. I´m flying to New York for work at the end of the month and ordered something a little different from another Easter collection with Peter and his friends on them to my hotel. I´m sharing tomorrow if you´d like to see. I love Peter Rabbit and all Beatrix Potter characters all year around though not just for Easter.





All of these bunny crafts are so easy you can just make them for a morning smoothie straw or to cheer up your dinner table napkins or just to hang around somewhere for a day or two just for fun. They don´t have to be keepers, you know those crafts you want to hold on to forever, like the sweetest little clay animals or so. Print, cut, use a few minutes gluing and you have some cute stuff you made together. I like these kinds of 30 minute crafts for week day nights. You know you did something together and you made something cute to use, but with set up and clean up you were done in 30 minutes. Great! Everything does not have to be a big project of glue guns, paints and making a huge mess. Besides I would like to think that precision in using scissors could be a good skill to master. It takes concentration if nothing else!

Lähdimme loppuviikoksi viettämään vähän hiihtolomaa laskettelurinteisiin, hiihtoladuille ja poniratsastustakin on tytöille tiedossa. Kotiinpaluun jälkeen onkin sitten aika istuttaa rairuohot pääsiäseksi.


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