Happy Thoughts

There are so many things to be happy & grateful for just now. But it´s the little things that I want to share with you today. Like the pretty cherry flowers blooming at the moment. I literally have to stop on my runs to take pictures of the pretty sights! I´m definitely the smell the flowers kind of a girl but to let the flowers interfere with a running flow… they need to be extra pretty or smell divine!

I love Spring for the simple reason it makes people happy. When you are an all around happy person you sometimes suffer from others nagging about the weather, their job, their chores, their husbands and it weights you down a little. But then comes the Spring and the sun and everyone´s moods are lifted and you feel the air lighter around you. I´m pretty sure most of you know exactly what I mean! So it´s definitely a happy thought.

A happy thought is also making room in your closet for lighter clothes and items. You can´t really trust the Finnish summer to be warm and sunny all the time so I don´t really pack my cashmeres away but I fold them on the shelves above the lighter jumpers and scarves and this year I got to add some amazing scented sachets there too. I got these as a gift from the Gauhar shop girls and I am loving them so! They smell amazing and look pretty! ( And if you are wondering which to take, the sweet citrus or floral, take both, as I could not decide between these two).




It´s also so nice to have all your favourite flowers in season slowly. I found these super beautiful planted hydrangeas to set on my windowsill from my grocery store (!) whilst buying almond milk and strawberries. Huge flowers and the perfect light pink hue to go with my blue & white lamps. Happy!




I had to stock up on some of my favourite olive oil in an Italian deli and I found these pretty candies there! I love to have a bowl of candy in my house for guests to satisfy their sweet tooth and these are just perfect for that. I am always happy to have guests in our home and my friends all like to come around. I´m very touched when they say our house feels very warm and cozy and they are relaxed here. I always burn some scented candles and have fresh flowers to make it extra nice but I´m pretty sure it´s the candy bowls that keep them coming around… and the good tea & coffee.



Cotton Candy and I love books. You all know that by now. So we went shopping for some new reads a while back and she chose L.M. Montgomery´s Emily of New Moon based on the book cover. We started reading it but the language was still a little hard for her to grasp and she kept being confused about the metaphors and time lapses so we decided to leave it for later on. Now I´m secretly reading it… and maybe just maybe I had a few of those candies too.





Happy thoughts are also sneaky lunches on a sunny terrace with ones husband. I love having time just to talk nonsense and even about our kids. And happy thoughts are your kids cute little friendships, the mini dramas followed by the making up and the learning of interactions, communications and how to take your friends in to consideration. Like Cotton Candy´s sweet little friend told her mom ” We hug when we say good bye because we will miss each other”. So adorable and just the reason why I hug my friends goodbye too!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!



  • Niina

    Kevät ja Happy Thoughts, molemmat tekevät minutkin onnelliseksi! Mistä muuten löytyy noin ihanalla kannella varustettu Pieni Runotyttö? Minäkin voisin hankkia kannen perusteella toisen kappaleen kirjasta kirjahyllyyn. Meidän seitsemänvuotias on lukenut aina välillä Salaista puutarhaa. Se on selvästi sellainen kirja, joka vaatii pienessä mielessä paljon pohtimista, mutta aina pienen tauon jälkeen palaa kuitenkin kirjan pariin. Aurinkoista viikonloppua!

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