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I had lunch with my girls in a Japanese restaurant a long while back. My older one loves sushi but for some reason whilst we were there Bubble Gum decided she really dislikes it that day ( phew those 4 year olds sometimes). So I asked the waiter if she had some suggestion and she told us they were getting sushi bowls on the menu and they could make her one. It´s called baby shake ( not like shake it baby, but the Japanese word for salmon ). There was the sushi rice which is a bit sweet, a few slices of avocado, some thin slices of salmon grilled a little and maybe some toasted sesame seeds. It was good, she liked it and she was happy. I was happy! When I was making last weeks salmon salad I figured that the ingredients I had in hand were practically the same as in that sushi bowl. So I  thought it would be great to try it at home when we have a salad ( my girls still think salads as main course are not so cool).

Sushikippo on yksinkertainen ja todella muokattavissa oleva lounas. Kipon pohjalle sushiriisiä ja päälle oikeastaan mitä vaan mistä pitää kuten kevyesti grillattua lohta, sashimia, teriyakikanaa, äyriäisiä tms. Avocado, edamame pavut, kevätsipuli, raastettu kurkku, -porkkana tai -retikka käy myös hyvin. Lisäksi kippoon voi lisätä paahdettuja seesaminsiemeniä, norilevän muruja tai vaikkapa marinoitua inkivääriä. Tässä voi todella soveltaa ruokailijan mukaan. Päälle voi vielä lisätä mm. Japanilaista majoneesia, hieman soijaa tai vaikkapa tilkan chiliseesamiöljyä. Pinterestistä löytyy useita variaatioita ” sushibowl” hakusanalla.









For the sushi bowl you need to make sushi rice. You can make it by the instruction on the packet. Season it with rice wine vinegar, sugar & salt. If you make 2,5 dl / 1 cup rice then add 2 tbls vinegar, 1-2 tbls sugar and 1/2 tsp salt.

Add the toppings you like but great choices are the salmon, avocado & cucumber. It would also be good with some teriyaki chicken, edamame beans and those toasted sesame seeds. You can add raw carrot, shrimps, tuna, scallions, daikon, Japanese mayo or practically anything you like. The fish can be raw or slightly cooked. I added some dried nori bits this time. Super easy when you have the rice making down to a t. The thing is it´s super fast to make but takes about 30 minutes to set so you need to start dinner prep with that. It´s also a great alternative for taking to work as lunch if you don´t mind a cold meal. I think sushi rice tastes awesome cold.



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