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Birthday cake

Last Friday when it was Bubble Gum´s real birthday we invited the grandparents for some cake, coffee and bubbles. As with the morning photos the lighting in the evening was not much better and I had the guests waiting so I took a few hurried pictures of our table. It always feels a bit awkward to take photos when the guests have arrived. But I wanted to share them regardless. I made a very simple cream cake with whipped cream, strawberry jam, fresh strawberries & banana between the layers. I coloured the whipped cream pale pink to match the table. You can find the recipe for the cake here.









The loveliest napkins, papercups & straws are from Juhlahumua. I made a blog collaboration with them for Bubble Gum´s birthday for her friends coming up this Sunday. You will see more next week ( or the week after)!





It was the first time she cut her own cake and it made her so happy ( so I had to share some photos of that concentrated smile…). My little big girl! Her most wished for birthday present also came through on Saturday when my brother came over with a skateboard! She is so much cooler than her mom…


p.s. The dresses the girls wore


  • Anni

    Syntärisankarin mekko on kyllä kaunis, ja niin on kakkukin!

    Voinko tiedustella, mistä olet löytänyt nuo kauniit pöytälamppujen jalat? Blogisi on upea, sen hyväntuulisia aiheita on kiva lukea 🙂

  • Irina

    Onnea suloiselle Purkalle <3
    Meillä 5 vee juhlat edessä joulukuussa. Lahjalista on pitkä, tarjoiluja jo suunnitellaan, sankarin toimesta siis 😉
    Meillä oli muuten samat servietit kuopuksen elokuisilla synttäreillä, myös vihreänä. Sa samoja pahvimukeja. Todella tykätyt ja söpöt.

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