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How was your Christmas? I know we are all heading in to the new year with enthusiasm and I should have had time to make this post for the days between Christmas and New Years eve, but I didn´t. So here are a few photos from my phone from our Christmas Eve.


We started our day with hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies ( we added some pink mini marshmallows too) and a fire roaring. The girls found some Belle & Boo treasures from their Christmas stockings. For lunch we had some rice porridge and tangerines. And we obviously watched the Snowman and the Snowman & the Snow dog which is Bubble Gum´s favourite movie. Then we headed for the Christmas sauna.

Our Christmas flowers were just foliage. Eucalyptus and spruce sprigs. The very green and white decoration got a little colour from Liberty Christmas crackers. My brother and I cooked dinner with a highlight of a gorgeous organic turkey. We started with raw cured white fish and -salmon, roe with smetana and chopped onion, potatoes and toast and also some foie gras. With the turkey we served a green salad with pomegranate seeds, some thin carrots with a honey-butter glaze, string beans quickly baked in the oven with parmesan and a mustard flavoured fresh pea dish. Our dessert was a success too. We had home made saffron ice cream with white wine, saffron & cardamon poached pears ( that I cooked the day before and had soaked in the fridge overnight) and thin & crispy almond cookies.

The dollhouse was an incredible success. I will take pictures of it for the blog but my brother wants to finish of a few little structural details first ( he has gone skiing so that will not happen in the next few days). It looks incredible though and I must admit it was so much fun filling it up the night before. Going through all my old treasures. I sent pictures to my childhood bestie and we went down the memory lane remembering how we used to play with it and which were our favourite furniture.

Have a good day!



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2 comments on “ How we celebrated „
Kata, on January 7, 2017

Everything looks absolutely gorgeous and I look forward to seeing more pictures of your adorable doll house! The center piece in your Christmas table is beautiful, where did you get it?

Sofia, on January 12, 2017

Thanks Kata! Will share them as soon as it´s ready. If by the centrepiece you mean the candle votives in the middle they are from Paris last winter. If you mean the foliage I made it myself from spruce sprigs and eucalyptus. Just laid it on the table dry.

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