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One piece

by Sofia   -   in Shopping

Can we talk about swimwear just for a little bit. I like bikinis, I do. But I usually find a one piece even nicer. And not only for the cover up purposes people often think one pieces should be used for. I think they look amazing on fit people too. Whenever I´m looking for a basic article for my cupboard I usually turn to J. Crew for it and for swimsuits they deliver big time this year. Here are some favourites ( and for you bikini lovers, they have a very wide selection, as for adult rash guards too).

PicMonkey Collage-7

Pretty perfect! I´m loving all the stripes, the long sleeved one and the blush looks amazing on the model ( I would probably look nude in it as that is pretty much my skin colour… unfortunately). That navy is so classy and the red one is so ladylike. The electric blue is not my favourite colour but the style is probably the most complimentary. Most of the models come in many colours, some in d & dd cups and you can also choose a longer torso. Brilliant!


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