Happy Weekend


Some photos from my phone since the longest time. As always, from left to right and top to bottom…

This year for teacher´s appreciation gifts we gave a box of donuts with a tag that said ” we DONUT know what we would have done without you… thank you”. I found the printable tag online. The pretty lacquered ballerina shoes from Bonpoint were a second hand buy. My mother´s day peonies were bright pink and so gorgeous. My friend and I had some gelato in Tallinn and took a picture of our pink wallets & my pink phone with the pink watermelon gelato. Because it was too icky cute not to. Those bunches of peonies at the flower market were amazing. Another gelato, this one I bought in Helsinki for my husband. My two seconds off one day when I put my feet up and enjoyed this lemon and mint drink. Some French chocolate at the old market hall deli were we went to shop for the girls candy day treats. New summer canvas shoes from Jacadi. Two gifts for one little friend who turned 7, both girls were invited. The pretty gelato in at gelato ladies in Tallinn. and a pretty door in the same city. Cotton Candy in her gingham pj´s. The pink peonies I brought home from NYC a while back. Just a pretty colour combo in my lap when I took a take away banana mylkshake for school pick up. One of the pretty pastel houses I took a picture of in Tallinn.

Have a very happy long weekend! We have a ballet recital and a trip to the Zoo in plans and then we head south to Hanko for the weekend. 


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