All is calm, all is bright…


I hope you are all set for the holidays. Yesterday I did one of my favourite tasks, wrapping up the presents. I choose them with love and care and it´s such a joy to see how the presents make the receiver happy. I also just enjoy lovely cards, paper & ribbon. Parcels have a theme each year, nothing elaborate or stressful, perhaps just a picture I saw somewhere that gave me an idea or some ribbon or colour. This year it was some forest green velvet ribbon mixed with a lovely last minute vintage angel card find thanks to a friend who thought I might enjoy them as much as she does. And is that just not exactly what this blogging is also about. Me sharing things I think you may enjoy and then getting inspired by you or someone else and in the end there is all this joy and all the lovely little moments and pretty little things that follow that thought. 

Filled with all the wonderful festive spirit I wish you a calm and peaceful, joyful and beautiful Christmas!

Kaunista, rauhallista ja tunnelmallista joulua!


p.s. Photo from here via Pinterest


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