Happy New Year!

by Sofia   -   in Random

Bring on the sparkles and bubbles the farewells of old and the welcoming of the new. I love how we cozy up all Fall along, the candles, the fireplaces, cups of tea and woollen throws. Watching The Crown on the sofa at night cuddled for warmth. We plan for Christmas, we bake cookies and drink mulled wine. We read books on the sofa and eat chocolate from the box one by one. Then suddenly there is a change. It´s like we open up our doors and windows to let a fresh breeze in to our homes. The wait for Spring and the inevitable Summer begins. We start to clear out our closets whilst we clean the remnants of Christmas away. We cleanse our diets and our jogs get a little longer and our pace a little faster. We pack for holidays with bikinis or skis and we start buying tulips. Suddenly the blue & white stripes take over the warm grey cashmeres and we start dreaming of asparagus and dips in the sea. 


Seasons change and each brings us new wonderful things to concentrate on. To dream about. The classics we turn to every year. The  things that make us happy and giddy with anticipation. But also the fun new things we discover. The exciting things we suddenly feel we need to learn. The new books we can´t wait to read and the new movies that make us feel inspired. The countries and places we simply must see. And the new friendships we are thrilled to have found. On top of the old ones we are lovingly cherishing and keeping.


I love the thought of a new beginning. A new chance. Every morning, every week and most of all every year. As we as humans need to count our time in one way or another. Set time lines, goals and measurements. Make resolutions that some keep better and others brake every year. We count from one point to another. Our birthdays or the beginning and ending of a year or an era. We measure ourselves from one starting point to another. And hopefully we find that somehow we have grown towards what we wanted or who we wanted to become. More openly ourselves. Better versions of yesterday´s us. More charitable, more forgiving, more excited, more dynamic, more loving towards ourselves and others, kinder, stronger, healthier or just plain happier us.






Let´s make 2018 count so we can look back in a year and see that despite all the things that happened to us that we could not control, that made us sad and the things that did not work out the way we wanted to, we still strived to do well and spend our time enjoying the little things in life. This year we do not let them pass us by. Every time we see a beautiful view or hug a friend or celebrate our children´s achievements big or small or eat something delicious or enjoy life´s other pleasures we take a deep breath and let the wonder in deep in our souls and keep it there. So it mattered. So it made us live a fulfilled life. So the year did not pass us by filled with disappointments and arguments and work but also with beauty and wonder and love shared, given and received. 

I sincerely hope yours will be amazing! I have a good feeling about this one! I really really do!


p.s. Cotton Candy and I crafted some picks to decorate our New Year´s dessert inspired by Darcy Miller´s Celebrate Everything book. I shared a photo on my Instagram and had a total “fan girl moment”.  Here is to hoping for better ( natural) lighting in the days to come…

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2 comments on “ Happy New Year! „
Hanneleh, on December 30, 2017

Olipas taas ihanasti ja inspiroivasti kirjoitettu. Kaikkea hyvää sinulle ja perheellesi vuonna 2018!

HannaK, on January 2, 2018

Hyvin kirjoitettu! Vuosi 2017 oli omalla kohdallani jotenkin niin raskas, että päätin, että jos vaan jokaisena päivänä jaksan vuonna 2018 tehdä vähän jotakin paremmin niin hyvä. Ja hyvin on alkanut: eilen viikkasin pyykit samantien suoraan kuivausrummusta kaappiin, tänään söin superterveelliisen aamiaisen. Ja ensiyönä nukun erittäin suloisessa hotellihuoneessa perheeni kanssa. So far so good!

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