My Style DNA

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As promised my answers to the questions from the Classic Style book…


Always in your fridge

Parmesan cheese, milk or oat milk, Heinz ketchup, dijon mustard, Bonne Maman jam ( the jar makes me happy) and Hellman´s mayonnaise, veggies

Favourite Restaurant and dish you order on the menu

Depends on the country. In Helsinki Strindberg and the Salmon with a poached egg, in New York maybe Cipriani´s and their sublime pasta pesto, in Paris I love Ralph´s but my best memories and favourite dish are still from L´avenue and their pasta arrabbiata ( I can´t count the times I ate it). I love a great pasta any time. And Club 55 in Saint Tropez with great friends, steak tartar, pommes frites, crispy green salad and a cold rosé.

Quick description of your overall look

Well ironed button down shirt, high waisted pants, loafers or white tennis shoes

Can´t cook without

Great olive oil and salt

What you bring home in your suitcase when travelling abroad

Most likely something from a grocery store that has a beautiful package

Skill you dream of mastering

Crocheting, sailing, being the best mom to my girls


Hermés Cape Cod wrap around

Make up

Simple, natural, enhancing rather than changing, sometimes red lips

Ice-cream flavour

Vanilla, pistachio, licorice, salted caramel ( can´t choose just one because it depends on the mood and situation and brand)

Makes you feel cozy

Cuddling in my husbands arms. Tucking my kids to bed and reading bed time stories under their duvets. Falling asleep to the sound of rain or waves.

Favourite colour

Navy blue, white, beige, grey, baby blue, light pink

Go-to drink

Cappuccino, lightly sparkling water with lemon, champagne or wine or a gin and tonic from cocktails.

Favourite holiday

I love city trips with one on one time with family like my girls, husband or my mom. I love traveling with a group of friends and some of my favourite holiday memories are from trips to the south of France on a friends yacht and I love going ski-ing with friends  & their kids or somewhere hot with just our family. So I´m basically all over the place with this answer.

Your peaceful escape

The island or anywhere alone with my husband

Necessary extravagance

Fresh flowers

Favourite candy

Chocolate and liquorice

On your nightstand

Flowers, scented candle, books, hand cream and framed photos


Coffee first and later on weekdays fruit or a green smoothie, natural yoghurt with berries & granola. On weekends I love omelettes or croissants or even pancakes.

Favourite ingredient

Great olive oil, lemon, fresh herbs & parmesan, Maldon salt and freshly ground pepper.

Items packed in your suitcase-always

Pretty underpinnings, warm scarf for changing weather, my beauty bag and if I´m not on a work trip then heels and a little black dress because you never know. Never my jewellery, mom taught me to always put those in hand luggage.

Most worn out shoes

I buy a new pair of white Superga and Converse sneakers every summer and wear them out ( and wash them quite frequently as I love them white). They just look better when not too shabby. Also running shoes.


Céline tortoishells

Writig implement

Muji 0,5 black ink.

Favourite fabric pattern

Stripes & Toile

Beloved movie

Anything by Nancy Meyers

Who inspires you?

My mother, Pinterest, some friends & people I follow on Instagram

Everything goes better with

Loved ones and good music


I hope you liked this little Q & A. I always love reading these kinds of things about people! And they are fun to answer too…

Have a great day,



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4 comments on “ My Style DNA „
Susanna, on May 15, 2018

When reading lists like these you realize why you feel close to some people. And why you suddenly find soulmates in people you have only known for a short while. Many of these answers could be mine. Of course some exceptions, but the defining ones are similar. Kindred spirits. That’s what we are.

Sofia, on May 23, 2018

Susanna <3

Katja, on May 28, 2018

Tämä oli kiva lukea. Voisin kirjoittaa omaan päiväkirjaani vastaukset samoihin kysymyksiin. Kerroit, mitä on yöpöydälläsi ja niinpä katsahdin omalle yöpöydälleni ja sieltä löytyi yölampun lisäksi nenäliinoja, vedellä täytetty tuttipullo, Stockmannin mainos sekä Pipsa possu kirja.

Sofia, on June 1, 2018

Katja, ehkäpä yöpöydän sisältö kertoo myös elämänvaiheesta! Minullakin siinä usein muuten joku tyttöjen jättämä pikku juttu!

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