Have a lovely June

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I have had a little strange last few weeks. But luckily things are looking up now in a very positive way. My summer holiday starts on Friday which I must say I´ m looking very much forward to. First thing I will head out to the island with the family and just be. Enjoy the birds singing and the waves crashing and the wind howling. I will dip myself to the sea and I will count my blessings in tenfold. I will breath in and I will breath out. I can not wait. I will also take some time to compose a few posts for you! You are not forgotten! So this will not remain a space where I post a picture of flowers once a week. I have my camera full of photos but no time to edit them. So for now, for the end of this week I will be absent from here but not from Instagram ( did you see my new armoire?).

But for now I will say I hope your June will be amazing and relaxing. I hope it will be filled with moments to remember. And I hope you will be here to leave me your sweet comments even if you are on holiday as they do cheer me up! 


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3 comments on “ Have a lovely June „
Malviina, on June 6, 2018

Rentouttavaa lomaa ☺!

Anna, on June 7, 2018

..loman tarpeessa alkaa olla varmasti moni meistä. Onneksi useimmilla loma alkaa jo häämöttää näköpiirissä!
Ihanaa, että blogikin päivittyy silloin tällöin, mutta insta sitäkin useammin 🙂
Aurinkoista lomaa!

Katja, on June 8, 2018

Ihanaa lomaa ja rentouttavia päiviä saaressa.

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