Teddy oatmeal cookies

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My sweet Cotton Candy was so lovely ( it happens sometimes that they surprise you with being extra sweet and thoughtful). She was browsing through Pinterest for crafting and baking ideas and saw a tutorial for teddy bear cookies. ” Mama I must make these for Bubble Gum for her first day of school, she would love them!”. As you may well know her little sister is a teddy bear lover. And a must is a must. Who am I to tell her no. So I helped her bake them the night before and they turned out so cute ( I even shot a video tutorial for her own use and we had so much fun). Her sister had them waiting for her after her first day of school. Although they were presented in the morning so she knew she had something cute and cozy waiting for her at home. I thought they were so adorable you may also want to make them. Ours did not turn out quite as firm and small as the ones in the original recipe so I thought it´s probably a good idea to cool the dough before baking and perhaps even again after the cookies are made in to teddies before they go to the oven. Also we flattened the ears and the nose a little. I would perhaps not flatten the nose at all. It looks funny when raw but while it´s baking it flattens enough naturally. Regardless of our little mistakes they turned out so cute and delicious. But these would definitely be yummy also made from a healthier oatmeal cookie recipe ( I think we will try this recipe next, it would be great for a breakfast cookie to grab on the go too). This one was very sweet ( and buttery) but delicious. We used chocolate chips as the eyes and the tip of the nose, not m&m´s as the recipe calls for but I think next time I´ll try this with a healthier recipe and with raisins as the eyes and nose. The how to and recipe is from here.











On their first day of school I organised the girls desk after the summer as a place for homework. I think giving them a good place for doing their homework and also good supplies is half of the job done. They do end up doing their homework on our dining table sometimes too. But here they have an abundance of well sharpened pencils, colouring pencils, eraser, a ruler, scissors, a place for papers or projects. Some tape and stickers and a few empty notebooks. I would like it to be so that they have their set of pencils in their pencil cases and those can stay in the backpack and they can use these at home. I hate dull pencils so I encourage them to keep a pencil sharpener with a dispenser in their bags and then we have a small metallic one ( the really good kind) at home where the wastebasket is next to the table so they can use it to sharpen these ones.

Have a cute day!


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