On a rainy day

by Sofia   -   in Random

Do you have rainy days? Well I guess everyone does. Days when you, for no good reason ( or most often due to those delightful hormones), get super irritated by everything and everyone. Quite often it´s the people closest to you that get to experience it but sometimes a taxi driver who was late or someone else not “performing their duties” also gets to hear a piece of your mind. I would love to hear what you do when you are in a foul mood?

I excersise. A really sweaty cardio session and lifting some weights usually does the trick for me. I like to take my anger out on a spinning bike and for some reason the fumes make me add extra weights to my gym routine. It really helps a little. I also like to cook as it seems to calm my nerves but do not try to come join me in the kitchen on those days. I have no patience for anyone messing up my routines.


It´s interesting to notice what things make each person annoyed and most interesting it is to see it in myself. I´m usually known for my patience and calm nerves. Well not when I have a horrible day of moodiness. I get really irritated if someone is doing things slowly, if people are late or if they take a long time explaining things or situations. On a normal day I really don´t mind if I choose a grocery store line that is moving slower than the others ( good time to scroll through Instagram or Whatsapp with friends) but I´m pretty sure that would drive me nuts on a bad day. I get offended very easily and feel that people are very insensitive. Luckily I get these days very rarely and I know I´m getting quite good at recognising them. I tell my family that today mommy is not in a very good mood so if I snap don´t take it personally and tell me to go look in the mirror. I take myself for a long run and try to build up those endorphin levels. I may have a few pieces of chocolate to try to boost my mood and I try to get a chance to spend my evening on the sofa watching something funny or delightful while drinking tea. And I light candles as they give me a calming sensation.

Some like to garden outside to calm their nerves, some cook, others call their friends and ask for a permission to vent, some take a bath with a cocktail in their hands. Some of you clean the house and some just hide in the bedroom under the duvet all by themselves. As we grow older we know how to deal with these incredible mood swings hormones throw our way or just plain old bad days when everything goes wrong. But I do wonder what the things that start to bug us on these days, that normally really don´t, tell about us…


p.s. The rainy day headline is sort of unsuitable for me as I absolutely love rainy days as you may well know.

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