Hearts and thoughts

This year I got some white porcelain heart dishes for Valentine´s gifts. Just small ones for trinkets, rings, candy or perhaps little heart shaped soaps. I would use ours for condiments ( ketchup, mustard & mayo) for valentines or for any other day of the year because I´m the kind of person who thinks a heart shaped dish on a dinner table on a regular night is just so very cute. When it comes to gifting random extra gifts I´m a firm believer that the price tag is not what counts but the thought. 






I also make sure to call or text the people I love on Valentine´s to let them know I miss them or thought of them. This year I will be doing so from the car whilst driving up North for our skiing trip. Besides I get to spend over a week with my oldest bestie!

Have a wonderful day!


p.s. Tomorrow I will still share what I got for the girls. Something useful and pink ( obviously).



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