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It´s Friday so it means it´s time to spill the beans. What makes you happy this week? Can I guess? If you live in Finland it´s the summers return! Spring often plays these games with us Finns and comes then winter returns, spring makes an appearance and everyone is besides themselves with joy then it snows again. But summer… well it usually just leaves us and goes. Unfortunately this weather tells us a story that is not as happy as we may think. The story of climate change. But as Fridays are for the happy thoughts we will skip that for now and enjoy the weather and the lovely things in life!

Movie nights! I am the biggest fan of Mary Poppins! I loved the books as a kid and the movie. I had seen it once and then it came on tv but I had to be somewhere when it was on ( before the time of Netflix) and my dad promised to record it to me on a VCR ( yes I´m that old) but accidentally recorded on a wrong channel. The disappointment I felt is still a very strong and vivid memory to me. I later bought the movie as a DVD and my kids love it too. And now my youngest and I have watched the Mary Poppins Returns movie a few times already. Now at times of Apple tv when all the movies are just an easy click away movie nights at home are so easy to arrange. And that makes me happy!




I buy cute candy when I see it and we keep them in a candy cupboard. It´s easy to raid for a movie night if it happens to be on a Saturday. Or we decide the movie calls for something sweet. But we also do movie nights with popcorn or with veggies and dip or just with a cup of tea.




I have followed Chris Jackson on Instagram for a few years now. He takes pictures of the British Royalty, he has been following them around the world for 15 years, and he is my absolute favourite. He has an eye for detail and he seems to always catch those candid happy smiles behind the official faces. His book Modern Monarchy was published about a year ago. If you are at all intrigued by the Monarchy then this is the book for your coffee table. It takes you behind the scenes or at least very close up and the quality of the photography is outstanding. Love!







The girls rain boots came and they are so cute they make me and our little ladies very happy. But I do have one question! When did they grow up to have such big feet? Fair enough they were just a little big for them but my teeny girls have size 35-36 feet. They will probably grow up to be two tall girls. Anyhow bubble gum pink wellies make anyone happy! I feel like I need a pair for jumping in puddles!





Have a wonderful weekend!



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5 comments on “ Happy thoughts „
Katja, on September 2, 2019

No tuota samaa minäkin ihmettelen, että miten mun “vauvalla” voi olla jo melkein samankokoinen jalka kuin minulla, nyt vähän vajaa 9-vuotiaana koko 35-36, kun minulla on 37-38. Ja sukat menevät nykyään aina pyykissä sekaisin. Minäkin olen kova Maija Poppas-fani sekä kuninkaallisia tykkään seurata, kiitos Insta-vinkistä, laitoin heti seuraukseen. Eri maiden kuninkaallisista löytyy mun kirjahyllystä melkoinen kokoelma kirjoja, mutta ei vielä tuota Modern Monarghy kirjaa.

tuike, on September 9, 2019

Käyn täällä blogissa silloin tällöin lukemassa, ja täällä tulee aina hyvä mieli. Kauniit kuvat ja mukavat jutut. Ihanaa arjen piristystä! Kiitos <3

Sofia, on October 14, 2019

Kiitos kaunis tuike ja ihanaa kun käyt!

Katja, on September 26, 2019

Ostin meidän tytöille ja itsellenikin (vaikka minulla on myös pitkävartiset tummansiniset Hunterit) nuo ihanat vaaleanpunaiset Aiglen kumisaappaat, kiitos vinkistä!

Sofia, on October 14, 2019

Katja, nämä ovat kyllä kivat! <3

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