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I know I know I said I would only shop this closet of mine instead of actual boutiques this Fall. But then I saw this gorgeous jumper on someone´s Instagram stories ( I could not find it anymore when looking again so I have no idea who it was that shared it to thank them). The person who shared it lives in the US and was mentioning it is only available in Europe so I had to check as it´s usually the other way around. And to my happy surprise it was a 30€ jumper so even if it´s not made of the best natural fibres and it´s more of a classic with a twist I figured it was worth a purchase. I must stress this is not the way I usually shop as I don’t´find it very environmentally savvy to buy things that may not last a long time or that I may not like for a long time. But every now and then I think we are allowed to make an exception. Especially as the jumper is very pretty, feels & looks soft ( no, not like cashmere at all but it´s fine). I think it will be a Fall favourite. And I like that it has a little something special. Besides I got so so many questions from you as to where I found it that I guess you liked it too.


It´s funny by the way that when I share something that is more of an investment some seem ” disappointed” as it may not be affordable to all but when I share something that looks great but isn´t necessarily expensive others are disappointed. I´m a firm believer in mixing and matching high street finds with things we treasure and keep forever. As long as you know your own taste and what you truly like, things don´t need to be only very pricy and definitely not a “brand” item. I normally gravitate towards natural materials so this jumper was an exception in that but it looks very ” me” and I think it also looks good ” on me”. Remember to think if you feel like wearing it all the time and you don´t have anything similar already in your closet, ( white t-shirts and button ups make an exception for me because I need more than one as I use them on rotation) it gets a few votes for a yes buy it. Then think if it´s something you will want to keep forever, and that will most likely fit forever ( shoes, scarfs, bags and jewellery especially), it´s probably worth a bigger investment. If it´s something you really really like and it fits your style but you are not sure if you´ll wear it forever then maybe think twice if you want such an item to be an investment piece. But I think we should actually pay as much attention the things we buy for short time use. Especially these cheaper and perhaps not a long lasting products. Do I really need it? will I actually wear it so much I can reason buying it? Does it make me that happy? Where will it go when I don´t like it anymore. Sometimes it´s worth it, sometimes not. It does not have to be a big stressful thought process but it´s worth a little of your time and mind space.

So this one I will wear with my  cream coloured loose fitting pants. Mine are a very classic model from DKNY that I bought maybe 6 years ago. An investment( ish) piece. These are lined and beautifully cut but white is always white and a risky colour especially as I like to use mine in everyday life instead of just parties where I hop to from a cab. I wear them with Converse´s or such. The jumper will also look very cute with a skirt. It´s a bit shorter model so I would personally probably not wear it with a skinny bottom like jeggings but I suppose it depends on your body type so much. I think this style is also great if you would like to be on the style trend of putting your jumper in your pants or jeans but can´t really pull that style off ( I don´t think I have many pants where there is extra space for a chunky knit at the waistline). My daughter wears hers like that as it looks good ( in her opinion at least) but also as she is very slim and her pants keep sliding down. I really don´t have that problem. Anyway as the style is short but it has puffy sleeves I like to pair mine with the wider style bottom.

I hope you have a lovely day!



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