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Monday morning is somehow feeling like one this morning. I´m on my second cup of coffee, already dreaming of a third. Then I´ll be ready to face another week. But I have a feeling this might still end up being a good one. Always strive to be optimistic.

Today´s Christmas gift guide is for the lady who loves to host. So basically if you bought me any of these I would be very happy. Although I already have that book so don´t buy that!




Any entertaining books are always a great idea and there are so many good new ones on the market at the moment but this old one has the prettiest fabric cover thus making it a fabulous gift. Monogrammed napkins are always a good idea as a gift and these cocktail napkins would make me extremely happy. I´m always in for reviving the cocktail hour and these would look great in any bar. They come in other colours and designs too. This Diptyque candle in rose scent is extremely pretty and I would never say no to a gorgeous candle in a heavenly scent. And hand made chocolates are also always a safe bet. If you hosts friend does not like chocolate herself then they can always serve them alongside a cup of espresso for their friends. Last but definitely not least is a subscription to weekly or monthly flowers delivered to your hostess. Find a local florist who has this service and you will make someone happy for a long time. In Helsinki area at least The Floral Society delivers by subscription.


I wish you a lovely week ahead,


p.s. The flower picture is not from my Floral Society shipment which I also received a few times but from just a bunch of flowers I bought at the market place.

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