When the world unfolds

by Sofia   -   in Random

Quite honestly it’s more a matter of when the world unfolds closer to us. Obviously this feels like something more significant as it’s currently closer to home. It’s more relatable. And that is just as well as when we can relate we have even more sympathy. But as a blogger to pick and choose where to take a stand and where to stay away is getting hard. I have no pull or power, no influence except maybe over your choice of dinner tonight or your favourite cookie recipe. So I shall once again keep this place a safe heaven for you where you can come to knowing full well that behind these pages is a person who cares and worries and even acts but still knows we all, or most of us, can also find it important to find a place where we can ease our eyes for a minute from suffering we can do very little to help or most of us have done something to try. And where you can rest your mind for a while from all the worry. We all need rest. Sometimes it’s healthy to have a respite and to protect yourself, your family and your ability to cope. I am, again, not saying I don’t care or that you should not care. I am saying that here you can find a place of hope and ease even and especially if you care or sometimes feel like you care too much.



If you feel like carrying on with not war related content is frivolous or ignorant then I understand your choice to choose other platforms to follow but here you will find something else. My children read my blog and I know other young people, kids and teenagers too so I shall be very mindful of that too as I always have been.

On other news then. March started and this means it’s Spring. I saw narciccus outside a flower shop and they will be my next flower purchase. I need joyful colors and hope for Spring and better times.

Have a lovely day.

Wishing for peace, always,


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